In honor of the incredibly cloudy and rainy weather we’ve been having recently, I’m taking it upon myself to declare that it is Fall. And you know that that means…. no? Well, fall clothes of course! And what’s most characteristic for Fall? No brainer here, PLAID! So I decided to put together three plaid looks for this fall, the first one I actually wore yesterday. My favorite part of what I wore yesterday though wasn’t the plaid shirt, it was the old old old pair of boots I found in my closet! I’m talking dirty old boots from forever ago. But something about them just really made me want to wear them today. Maybe it was the character of the boots that seemed to compliment the weather, who knows. Anywho, enjoy this gloomy weather. If you’re anywhere around Norman, it won’t be clearing up for the rest of the week!
P.S. Sorry to those who got mad at me for not posting yesterday, I was absolutely swamped with activities, homework and tests.

 IMGP1862 copy
IMGP1860 copy
IMGP1864 copy
IMGP1882 copy
IMGP1893 copy
See! They’re so full of character, love em!
IMGP1894 copy
IMGP1891 copy
IMGP1899 copy



  1. Love the army-cut jacket………and the denim big jacket and plaid shirt underneath look!

  2. me too … i m definitely for the plaid shirt and denim jacket look.

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