Like I said I didn’t do a lot of damage in Dallas, but got the R&R Jeans, Krush T-Shirt, and YSL Shades (which I am completely in love with)! On a side note I’m VERY happy today because the sun is out! Thank god, I don’t think I could have taken another day of clouds and rain. Blah.

Rock & Republic LogoRock & RepublicKrush Shirt
Yves Saint Laurent Sunglasses
yves saint laurent

Last night I had to reshoot the OG+E commercial, but it actually gave me a chance to grab a couple shots that I didn’t get last time I did it. But first, a “What I wore yesterday” shot ha.
IMGP1832 copy
That sleeve with the wing is my favorite part of the shirt. Looks almost Egyptian.
IMGP1841 copyOkay so maybe my second favorite part of the shirt. My favorite part is the back (which of course you can’t see in the other pic) because it’s dramatically longer than the rest of the shirt and has these two patches on it. Dunno why, just like it.
IMGP1827We had to switch locations from the other shoot, but most control rooms look pretty much the same.

And finally, love her! She was kind enough to feed us our lines when we got flustered on camera lol. I think I see a future director maybe…

Well that’s all the news that is the news for today. Have to go be productive now and do homework. Oh but if you are on Elm St in Norman today between 2-4 be sure to say “Hi” cause I’ll be pounding the pavement for OG+E. Ahh the life of promotions. Have a great day!
-Andrew J


2 Responses to “DALLAS LOOT & OG+E FILMING”

  1. OK, LOVE the look of the day! Did you wear that around campus? If so, you had to be the most awesome person walking around…..niiiiiiiice…….

    • Me & Marisa Says:

      Lol yes I did wear it around campus. And I couldn’t say for sure lol. I’m sure there was someone slightly more awesome 😉 ;).

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