This weekend I went down to Dallas to see Marisa for the first time since I left for the summer. It was SO good to see her, and I’ve decided I can’t go that long again, it’s just not right. Her mom was in town this weekend as well so I got to finally meet her. WONDERFUL woman and so much fun. But backtracking for just a moment, I got down to Dallas on Friday and headed to my friend’s house in Plano, we ventured out to grab dinner in hurricane like winds and rain. It was crazy! The electricity at the restaurant kept flickering on and off quite a bit and I was drenched from head to toe in the time it took me to run from my car to the front door… I mean drenched. Later that night, we went down town to where some of his friends were at this great apartment in Cirque next to Vickery Park and the W. It was a gorgeous apartment with amazing views. Tons of fun.

Saturday once I finally woke up, I headed into Northpark to begin the day by doing brunch at La Duni with Marisa and her Mom. Delicious French Toast, food porn below. After quite a bit of coffee we decided it was time to start shopping and headed north to Grapevine to check out Last Call and Off 5th. We got a little lost (which sorta ended up being a theme for the day lol), so the trip ended up taking longer than expect. When we got there though Marisa found some great stuff (Note to Marisa: Please post pics of your loot), I wasn’t so lucky as their men’s section went from super refined to studded t-shirts with absolutely no medium. I did end up getting a cool Krush shirt, Rock & Republic jeans (of course), and YSL sunglasses (of course). I’ll post my loot pics tomorrow.

After Grapevine, we headed up to Flowermound. They day was already getting late so we decided it was time for more food and went to this Chinese place called East Sea or something like that. With the three of us combined there was no limit to the conversation we had. I absolutely loved it. After dinner, we dropped Marisa’s mom off at one of their family friend’s house to get ready for a party and Marisa and I headed back to Dallas. Sadly, we had to part ways there because she had a paper to write and I had to get back to Plano for a birthday party. The weekend was short for sure, but I was so happy to get my Marisa fix. Here are the pics I got, I know Marisa has a couple too. Enjoy and hope you had a great one!
-Andrew J.

They aren’t by chance mother and daughter are they?
IMGP1808IMGP1810Marisa’s mom’s answer to finding a blackberry with iPhone capabilities lol
IMGP1811See, butter brioche french toast… heaven.
IMGP1812IMGP1813IMGP1816Check the boots. PS, that chair was quite comfy, but I didn’t like the name “Poodle Chair”
IMGP1817IMGP1818I liked her new purse


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