As I mentioned previously, Shades of Greige has rapidly become my new favorite addiction/label. Their clothing is not only unique but I think extremely cutting edge for men’s fashion. They push the envelope without crossing that line to where it starts to appear costume like.

So I just got some new pieces from Shades and I absolutely love them! I photographed the shawl neck sweater, but I think it warrants another picture or two because it’s quite amazing. In addition to that, I got a really cool drape-neck long sleeve with really unique sleeves that go asymmetrically down my hands. I also got a pair of suspender pants, which took some tweaking with a pair of scissors (the slits for attaching the suspenders to the pants were too small for the buttons, but I love them!

Any who, enough chit chat, here are the goods!

Shades of GreigeOkay I don’t know how to make these images any bigger because they’re horizontal without cutting off the edges so click them and then click the image again when it takes you to the next page to view in full view.
Shades of Greige 2


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