Alright making this another quickie because I have an 8:30 class and then I’m back to back until 12:30 and THEN I’m heading home to Tulsa right after that, so this is a pretty random post of stuff from the week that I didn’t feel fit with any other posts. Hope you have a great holiday weekend!

Silver Nike BootsFirst things first, my beloved Nike’s I just got yesterday… last pair didn’t even try them on in store because they were my size (okay well maybe a 1/2 size smaller than I like but meh). Got home, tried them on… WAY too small. Sadness.

IMGP1354At my second (or first) home. Gaylord College of Mass Communication here at OU.

Box of ChineseIn my opinion, the best take out Chinese restaurant in all of Norman, Happy Family. Gives a whole new meaning to take out box.

IMGP1345And finally, some very G-rated food porn  and something you have to try, sourdough bread and honey. My favorite snack in the world!

Okay running late now! Oh but on a side not, returning the Nike’s and getting these great laced up casual shoes I saw, so I’ll have pics up soon.



  1. Love sourdough bread, never tried it with honey though.. Great sneakers!

  2. damn, that chinese makes me hungry.

  3. ok im super hungry now, yum!
    you have gotten me craving Chinese now 🙂

  4. Sourdough and honey is the best thing ever invented! Love your shoes, sorry that they didn’t fit. 😦


  5. That Chinese food looks delicious…..you have really a keen fashion awareness. I definely respect it! http://www.sheiobsessed.blogspot.com

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