I don’t like anymore :(. I tried to get on yesterday for a GREAT sale on Shades of Greige which I have been waiting on for a while now. So I sat at my computer and waited for 11:00 to roll around (noon ET), and logged on… immediately every item I wanted (and it took me maybe a minute thirty to see what I wanted) was already in the shopping cart of another member!!! So unfair :(. I was wanting to get three things that really caught my attention, but only ended up getting this scarf thing (which is pretty cool):

Shades ScarfShades SweaterBut this sweater with sleeves scarf built in is what I really wanted. It’s SO unique!

Alas, I was unable to get it… so what is a disgruntled shopaholic to do? Look elsewhere of course. Found the following Shades of Greige items that I couldn’t pass up.

Shades of Greige black shirt
Shades of Greige suspender pantsGotta love these suspender pants!

Also! Got this Cope sweater in yesterday. You may remember it from one of my favorite picks from a few posts ago.
Cope SweaterHope you’re having a great day. Gotta run, lots and lots of homework. I’m soooo over school already.



  1. Ah I hate it when that happens, is my nemesis not one thing have I managed to purchase yet!! Chanel did a girly version of a scarf sweater combo too so amazing. Love the finds you did get though!

  2. Have to add the word greige just really makes me laugh!

  3. that scarf is indeed pretty cool xooxox

  4. James Field Says:

    Love the post

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