As requested, some insight as to what a ‘guy’ wears to work.  

When I think of a ‘guy’ I automatically picture a mid-20-something year old– so I have geared these looks towards a young professional.  

If you are a banker, you know what to wear, its pretty strict. The growing advertising, journalism, marketing, sales, photography, entrepreneurship world has allowed for a collaboration of self expression and professionalism.  In most environments it is an old joke that the marketing guy walks into a corporate meeting wearing his plaid pajama pants and a shirt he grabbed from under his bed becuase he was in a moment of sheer and utter brilliance.  I think you get like 2 of those passes in your career… and it better be a million dollar epiphany.  

So for you ‘guys’ out there looking to score a good job, be seen as a trendy professional, or even just make transitioning from ‘day-to-date’ a little easier, here are some good looks to pull from:  

An easy to follow, chic, look from Calvin Klein:  white shirt (3/4 cuff for a more casual look), plain dark tie, grey trousers with a mute pinestripe.

Conveys the message to women: I make money doing something that will provide for our grandchildren.  

Take this look from the office to Mi Cocina, loosen the tie, have a margarita, watch the women flock.


this ones is a little more trendy if you’re willing to get outta the normal comfort zone.

 Gucci:  skinny dress pants, white collared shirt, statement tie (I am loving the shorter and narrow monochromatic strips on this one).  This model is wearing a double breasted trench with this look.  I’d really love this look with a deep red velvet blazer, or even maybe a rich canary.  

I’d like to see this outfit at a business dinner at a trendier resturant, or even meeting a client outside of the office.  It says that you know you look damn good.  

gucci double breasted trench and skinny pant NM-24V7_mf

The below look is also all Gucci:  I adore the plaid pants.  But you gotta rock them.  if you have any doubts, don’t bother. 

I like the contrast of very conservative on top, with the deep burgundy tie, vest, sport coat, and then crazy ass pants.  

You need a slamming body to pull this off.  But it is so doable.  

I’d totally love going somewhere where you are going to be seen with this guy. Conveys knowledge of how to style with statement pieces without seeming like you care too much. 

Gucci Sport Jacket and Wool Pants

This look is alot.  Gucci purple corduroy  blazer with a purple plaid pant (say that 3 times fast).  

I think that most guys will have a better chance pulling the top or the bottom half off individually, but not the whole look. 

Pair the blazer with some nice dark wash jeans and you’re good to go for a corporate casual friday. 

If you’re feeling a little more laid back– an ivory or grey cashmere sweater would really compliment the pants. 

Gucci Coudoury jacket and skinny wool pants NM-27M0_mf

The below is definitely one of my favorite looks.  Burberry does men’s clothes SO well. 

Dark slacks, white shirt, slate grey tie, scarf, and gorgeous overcoat. 

paired with the dark shoe. 

this look is lethal… total Harvard or Yale grad look. 


back to casual fridays for our southern states. 

Another great look from Calvin Klein.  

Nice v-neck striped sweater with some dark slacks. 

always flattering. simple and sexy.  

easy for anyone to pull off.  But i really wanna see a big industrial watch on his wrist for a little edge. 

….and maybe a wool red check scarf. 


This below outfit is amazing for work travel.  Nice dark wash jeans, red accent loafers, a gorgeous distressed chocolate leather jacket and a cool scarf.  

Nothing can wrinkle and you look put together getting off the plane.  

Plus loafers rock going through security.  

Leather bomber and Jeans NM-27M5_mf

Another more formal look from burberry.  

Narrow slacks,  white oxford, skinny tie, cardigan, and a nice dark blazer. 

This look can go all around from a formal meeting with Clients to a casual internal meeting at P.F. Changs. 

Also easy to break down pieces for later in the night.  Pull the cardigan off and throw on just the sports coat and its perfect for going out for drinks.  

This can also be “causal-ed” by opting for some nice straight leg dark denim jeans.  


…and this is the way to run into the office when you have that moment of utter brillance. 

Gucci:  a cool track jacket, loud sweater, some dark denim, and cool sneakers. 

It will take you just as much time to grab a T and a hoodie and sweat pants as it would to grab these items.

 (plus you wouldn’t have to smell them for mold or check for pit stains)

Gucci Track jacket and jeans NM-27M7_mf

As far as business accessories go I am obsessed with this Burberry Two Pocket Twill tote for men. 

twill velvet twin bocket tote bag burberry

Statment Gucci Aviators add some edge to any of the above outfits.  Especially if you are rocking the all black and white, these are perfect. 

Gucci Avaitors

I really think that this Brera is the perfect watch for most men.  Simple  good sized face but obviously a high quality. 

brera watch


Some great classic looks that you can mix and match.  Always wear what you are comfortable in, but if you want to shake it up a bit, start small. 

I recommend scarves, they are very easy to toss in the back of the car if you decide that you had the confidence for the canary wool scarf at 7 when you left for starbuck, but it just isn’t working for the rest of the day.

Plaid pants, on the other hand, are a little hard to back out during your morning commute. 

Have a great week. 





  1. Me & Marisa Says:

    The second look, Burberry trench look and the work travel look are my hands down favs! Amazing post M, absolutely amazing!

  2. Absolutely amazing, I think you had it all covered, even down to the detail of loafers to make travel, whether business or pleasure, easier.

    I totally agree that Burberry pulls off men’s clothing to a more professional look but I must admit I had never looked extensively at Gucci and its potential in the “twentysomething office guru” department.

    Also, thanks for the accessories. Most guys never realize how important these really are. It gives a subtle edge.

    I’ll pass this along.


  3. Marissa please can you come and have a word with the guys I work with! These are such great looks, and men really do need bags they just haven’t realised it yet!

  4. Hi, where can i buy the Gucci Skinny Black dress pants??

    • Me & Marisa Says:

      Hi Eric, I’m really sorry but Marisa did that post back in September and I’m just not sure where you would find them today. Depending on what city you are in, you can probably find something similar at Saks, Neiman Marcus, or Bergdorf’s.

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