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I have to admit, this is kinda a lazy blog post. We all have these days from time to time, those days when homework gets a little overwhelming and nothing seems to happen to you that day outside of school or work. Yesterday was one of those days for me. Well, partially true, I did a great interview with musician John Calvin that I will be putting up on the blog this weekend (I’m going to see him perform on Friday so I will get some more shots). Really interesting guy so look forward to that. Anywho I have to make this a quickie becuase I have a test to go study for :(. My campaigns capstone is taking up SO much time right now, but I will still do my absolute best to get a post out every day :)… ones better than this lol. Toodles!
-Andrew J

IMGP1967_copyGot the grey Levi’s shirt this weekend. I’m actually quite a fan of Levi’s. It’s just a really Americana brand. Tank top- Adam. Jeans- Rock & Republic. Shoes- Jack Purcell.

IMGP1986 copy
IMGP1975 copy



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It’s weird, since I’ve started writing this blog I find myself disecting what people are wearing even more than I previously did. So I was watching The Lost Boys the other day and I started to notice how many of the clothes look SUPER familiar and how many of the looks I really liked, especially in the opening credits montage. So if you find yourself aware that the late ’80s early ’90s are coming back into style and needing a little inspiration on how to pull the looks off, look no further than this classic vamp flick. Yes I took some pictures of the TV screen lol, don’t judge.
P.S. Finished my Spanish homework before it was all due. I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say I did well, but I did a lot better than I thought I did.
-Andrew J.

IMGP1241Seriously, look at the guy in the jacket, too cool! I want that jacket (er… jackets?). Longer pants though.
IMGP1245See! The girls standing up has AWESOME style! Despite the fact she looks twelve…
IMGP1246IMGP1248IMGP1249Keifer and the guy on the far right look awesome! I want the coat and boots that Keifer has on.


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I spent the majority of this weekend continuing to fight off what I continue to hope was not Swine Flu. In any case, I am feeling MUCH better now. When I wasn’t flu’ing it up, I was doing homework, and I have news to report… I hate Spanish. I ended up doing, no kidding, about 40 exercises (not just questions, exercises) more than I had to because it wasn’t clear what was assigned and what wasn’t. Boo.

I also did a little shopping this weekend as well as saw a couple movies. Thrifting and a little mall shopping on Friday then on Saturday I ordered a great pair of Ann Demeulemeester sandals that I cannot wait to get despite the fact that the weather has now officially turned to fall. Anyways, enough chatting for now. I’ll try posting some pics later of my thrift purchases, but my homework for today is anything but light. Hope you had a great weekend!
-Andrew J.

IMGP1945Started the day with a little Jamba Juice before shopping
IMGP1944IMGP1949 copyThere I smiled for you… now be happy lol
IMGP1951 copyIMGP1947Quail Springs Mall in Oklahoma City
A little bite to eat at Cheesecake Factory, I think it’s so pretty inside.
IMGP1957IMGP1953IMGP1954Ann Demeulemeester Sandals
Here they are! Can’t wait to get ’em!
Ann Demeulemeester Runway

And finally how they appeared on the runway


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Okay so I didn’t get it up yesterday because I was taking the proverbial day of rest a day early. I didn’t do ANY work yesterday on anything and it felt amazing. But as promised, here are my fashion picks for D&G, Prada and Versace. Btw, props to Donatella Versace! I have not been a fan of nearly any of her recent work, but she knocked it out of the park this season! Nearly every single look I saw of hers I saw was better than the last one. Also, I was a little saddened by Roberto Cavalli this season, I only liked… three… count ’em… THREE looks. Sad, but I went ahead and put them below as well. Enjoy! Hope you’re having a great weekend!
-Andrew J.

PradaVersaceVersace ShoesD&G Spring Summer 2010Roberto Cavalli SS10Roberto Cavalli 2 SS10Roberto Cavalli 3 SS10Image Source:


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Burberry finally walked during London Fashion WeekChristopher Bailey and company had been teasing the fashion world about their upcoming line to the point of aggrevation, but all is forgiven now. I know I’ve been trying to keep this week to predominantly women’s dress, but there were a couple looks in here for the gents that I just couldn’t stop myself from putting in the collage. Burberry did some interesting stuff this season with rouching, draping fabrics and straps. Some of it did look a little safe and just like what we typically see out of Burberry (those looks obviously didn’t make my favorite list), but then again Burberry is one of those more classic labels.

Burberry Spring Summer 2010

Also, here are a couple looks I liked from Top Shop. I was REALLY disappointed with their line this season as I felt they stopped paying homage to the ’80s and just went digging through their wardrobes and put old clothing on the runway. I mean… they had scrunchies… Enjoy your Friday! I’m feeling a little bit like death due to something which I hope isn’t the Swine Flu, but I’m going to drag myself out shopping today ha. I think I’ll do another post tomorrow for Prada and D&G.
-Andrew J

Top Shop Spring/Summer 2010Top Shop Blue Hoodie


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Winding down this week of my favorite pieces shown for the Spring Summer 2010 season- we have Duro Olowu, which is quite possibly my absolute new favorite designer and just discovered this week. Also, Derek Lam and finally another all time favorite and proactive thinking label- Proenza Schouler. I’ve been a fan of Proenza Schouler ever since I saw a documentary about them struggling to get ahead as a label in my Fashion Strategic Communication course about a year ago. Also, here are a couple shots from what I’ve been wearing this week. Enjoy the pics!
-Andrew J.

Duro Olowu Spring Summer 2010Proenza Schouler Spring Summer 2010Derek Lam Spring Summer 2010


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Day two of fashion week recap. BCBG Max Azria (and yes I see now that I messed up on the “Max” on the collage but I don’t have time to fix it right now lol), love what was put out this season. Gives a whole new meaning to the “wrap dress” also the patters in the sea colors really, really harken back to the ’80s. It looks like we’re getting out of allusion to ’80s and going full fledged rehash. L.A.M.B. yes I’m a fan of Gwen’s designs, I think she has a very unique style and I love the fact that she is doing her own line. I think her shoes are really awesome, so it’s nice to see what she does with clothes as well. Loving the spiderweb-esque tights. Finally, 3.1 Phillip Lim… where to begin? Genius label. Period. Loving the gold dress and the gaudy gold necklaces as well as the length of all of his pieces. There’s something that really reminds me of Fahrenheit 451 in this collection. Love Lim though for both men and women’s clothing. Hope you’re having a great day!
-Andrew J.

BCBG Max Azria Spring Summer 2010LAMB Spring Summer 20103.1 Phillip Lim Spring Summer 2010

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