Los Colinas Mustangs

A little outing today, it was just so damn nice out. 

Williams Square in Las Colinas, Irving, Texas.

Granite plaza the size of two football fields. 


The world’s largest equestrian sculptures:  eight larger than life bronze mustang sculptures sculpted by Robert Glen running through water in the middle of the plaza… gorgeous. 


Robert Glen, an internationally-acclaimed wildlife artist, was commissioned for the mustang project in 1976. Glen researched the animals before creating models at his home on the outskirts of Nairobi. He sent them to Morris Singer Foundry at Basingstoke, England, for bronze casting, which was completed in 1981. (Texas Guide Life)



This foal was adorable. He is leaping into the water, the musculature and movement is SO realistic to a real colt. 




MarisaWilliamsSquare Edited

[shirt: vince. jeans: jbrand. sunglasses: kata (from Ilori in Northpark–custom shaped for your face, super cool).  scarf: roni nyc. cuff: pawn piece from hundreds of years ago- turquoise from the Bisbee mine.]


IMG_1359Long view of the horses, this doesn’t do it justice. I need a better camera than my little one.  

Any suggestions?





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