Well let’s see, this weekend was relatively low key and I did absolutely zero damage in the clothing department… There really just isn’t shopping here! I have to find someplace where I can help my addiction in the only way I know how… giving in to it. Otherwise I’m going to have to resort to driving to Dallas every weekend and ordering stuff online… the horror. Suggestions?

Speaking of horror, this weekend was eventful in one respect and that is the freaky factor. Okay so I reported that a friend and I went and attempted ghost hunting on like Tuesday or Wednesday of last week but we got rained out. Well I posted a facebook message that night saying if anyone wanted to join to text me. An old friend of mine from high school, Shelby Owen, text me and told me she wanted to go this weekend. So on Friday night at around 10 pm we loaded up again and made attempt two. We were joined by Cassie Pharis (pictured in the last weekend recap from Tulsa) and her boyfriend Russell… it was a regular group out of Friday the 13th or something. So we drove out to “The Witches House” place again and although Cassie and Russell went back to his truck; Shelby, Tyler and I wondered around this forest for like 45 minutes. We heard freaky noises and had a run in with an armadillo that charged Shelby (which subsequently ended in me yelling like a 4-year-old girl), but the freakiest “ghost” thing didn’t happen till after we were heading back and realized that we started right by the witch house and were wondering around looking in the wrong place. As we approached the ruined house, from somewhere in the field very close to us between us and the trees, we heard someone dragging something metal long enough for us to all stop in our tracks, look at each other and realize it wasn’t any of us. Oh and we were the only people around for a good while… We took that as a warning and hightailed it out of there.

Witch House

It looks so friendly doesn’t it?

Witch House 2

After the Witch House thing, Cassie and Russell decided they had had all of the excitement they could stand for one night, and they ended up not going with us to the haunted… abandoned… insane asylum (Griffin Memorial) very near my house in Norman… I know, I know… we’re dumb. So we ended up not actually going inside because we were A) Too freaked, and B) really didn’t want to go in some place that has no windows and all 3 of the doors are very much boarded up or sealed with iron bars. But we did find this letter taped to the front door. The letter was perhaps the scariest part of the whole evening, especially considering that it was dated August 27, 2009 (and we were there on the 28th). The letter read like something fresh out of a psych ward with weird underlining’s, random words in all caps and seemingly gibberish speak. It was taped to the door with a tear out from a book titled “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” which was published at… wait for it… 666 5th Ave New York City. Oh and the numbers 4296 kept showing up EVERYWHERE in the letter and it was always like “4296, 4296” underlined twice.

Long story short we had this letter pegged for a code leading to a dead body or something, especially when we went to the place where we deciphered to be the location of whatever the letter was talking about at 3 in the morning and a cop was there with lights on and a flashlight searching a nearby ditch… But nothing ever showed up on the news, so I’m going to chock it up to three college kids and their imagination.

Moral of the story– Shopping is a much safer way to spend your time… and don’t go looking for trouble cause you’ll get scared lol.
Hope your weekend was less eventful than mine.
-Andrew J



  1. Me & Marisa Says:

    holy shiz.

  2. OK, that dragging metal thing is super scary!!!

    Did you look on the internet for the symbolism/meanings of those particular numbers? Or any history of those numbers in relation to the insane asylum, etc? Maybe it was the person’s cell……..


  3. Oh my gosh, I never thought of that!!! We were thinking more like address. I guess it never occurred to us that it could have anything to do with the hospital. It was just crazy! Andrew ended up giving it to the police but we kept a copy of it. I think I will have to do some super sleuthing at work today.

  4. It could have been a date like 04-02-1996. Yeah I know it sounds like Russ and I were total pansies (because we were), but I was way more worried about getting shot by some gun-happy redneck than I was about crying baby ghosts. Plus Griffin Memorial freaks me out when I just drive past it, much less going up to it and touching it. Bad vibes.

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