yummy clothes for now and later..

Recent Purchases: 

Good for now… 

Frye gladiator sandals 


Good for later… 

Warehouse knit sweater. alot lighter than it looks. got it in Ireland. 


Good for now and later… 

a light weight three quarter length blazer, also from Warehouse in Ireland. Really cool draped front with a silk tie. Close up below. 



I love this Vince light weight sweater. 


Sweet plaid coat from Joan Leslie.. vintage to say the least. like 5 bucks at a thrift store. bahah.


Cool Zion Coat.. silky material. Bought it for the buttons, I’m such a sucker. 


close up of the cool clasps and asymmetrical cut. 


DKNY crochet top. 


Nine West Studded Ankle Booties = Love. 


Super vintage Mochino coat. about 12 sizes too big, but i love it regardless. scared of it, but i love it. 


another warehouse dress i got in ireland. really cute fanned bottom… lots of movement and shape. 


and another light weight sweater i got from FIG and forgot to document…also a White and Warren piece. 


good finds… I like ’em. 



3 Responses to “yummy clothes for now and later..”

  1. im so jealous. im loving those finds specially the knit sweater 😦

  2. im so jealous i love them all xoxoxox

  3. Me & Marisa Says:

    Glad to see you went with the studded booties M 🙂

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