Last night was perhaps the most spectacular lightning show I’ve ever seen. The lightning was SO intense that it almost gave me vertigo… Yes, I was out in it. Because one of my friends and I got the amazing idea in our heads that we should go ghost hunting lol. Well we ended up getting to this place called “The Witch House” and it came a downpour. To make matters worse, we forgot our flashlights. But it was really lightning like ever 2-3 seconds so we reasoned that we could use that as our light. We didn’t get far, going to try again this weekend lol.

Today it’s still dreary and rainy, but the shopping gods delivered something to me early this morning. I opened my door to find a package with a nice cropped navy blue rain trench in it! Very excited and I’m actually happy about this weather now. Hope your day is going well!

Navy Cropped Rain Trench and Boots
Paired it with my vintage boots that I found last week and tucked in Diesel’s
Vintage Boots
Save This City
Throw on my “Save This City” shirt from Assembly in Dallas and I have maybe my favorite rainy day outfit ever lol
IMGP1325Oh almost forgot, funny pose I know, but you have to get creative when you have no one around to take your pic and no tripod ha. My favorite sunglasses broke (sad face) so these are the replacements that came in the same package as the jacket.



  1. Perfect ghost hunting outfit LOL!

  2. I couldnt decide what made me laugh most the fact that you were actually going ghosthunting or that you were doing it i such a stylish outfit! You should give the GhostBusters some tips, I mean grey boiler suits and proton packs what where they thinking! LOL

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