Yes, I’m aware of the fact that this post is a bit of a cop out. What can I say? Norman is a little boring and school is already getting busy. My capstone class; Advertising Campaigns, is having us work for the client Reclast. So if any of you know anyone who has osteoporosis who I could interview for the report, let me know… hint hint. Ha. So sadly, all I can do is post pics I’ve taken of what I’ve been wearing this week. Boring, I know. I’m sorry I’ll do better next time. I just feel bad going for a day without the blog being updated.

Dior and Seavees
This sweater is Vintage Dior and was given to me by my dad. He wore it on the first date he went on with my mom. I think it’s good luck. Shoes are Seavees. It’s about time I actually wear them!Vintage Dior and Seavees

IMGP1280Wore this yesterday. Those are the shoes I got the other day thrifting. But I have to tell you. The bottom of them were perfectly smooth and I think they were never worn… they certainly didn’t look that way at the end of my day.

IMGP1235What I almost wore Monday, my very last first day of school ever. But I ended up going with this:
IMGP1253Outside of Chick-fil-A I love that shirt. Wear it way more than I should probably.


3 Responses to “WHAT I’VE WORN THIS WEEK”

  1. Wow, thats such a great story about your dads sweater!

  2. i like your shoes!

  3. That Christian Dior sweater is beautiful and the story behind it is so cute! I’m loving your shoe choices too.

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