Used and Abused: Campus Fashion

University attire usually consists of a College tee, sweats, soffe shorts, or those jeans you wore 4 days in a row..

(…but no one really noticed… right…??) 

Well that hot guy in chem probably didn’t.. but come on, there isn’t too much of an excuse to not be somewhat stylish everyday. 

Yes, there are exceptions… first day of your monthly friend (TMI probably), your roommate puked in your closet after her night of Jungle Juice, and Finals week.  

I know, I know, I know… its f-ing 98 degrees in Texas. and -239840238 degrees in the Science Bulding.

What. The. Hell.

How can you look cute?

….take some style notes from these lookbookers and get some ideas for how to dress for class this fall:


Thigh highs and bleach shorts with a baby thin tee and a light blazer or cardigan… perfect for the “omg wtf do I wear to class?” panic for sept/october.  


Not all dudes can pull this look off, obvi., but I really love the organized chaos of the sweater (which probably wasn’t meant to be bracelet length on him (which makes it 10x more awesome)) with the simple grey skinny jeans.  To make this look a little more wearable for everyone.. swap the jeans for a straight leg black or grey denim.  

Check our your local salvation army or goodwill to find crazy sweaters like this for cheap, so you can see if you can pull it off. =) 


This will probably end up being one of my Dallas Fall staples… cozy cashmere sweater with some leggings or skinny dark jeans, with all heights of boots.  


Gorgeous man, what’s not to love?  I can totally see Andrew rocking the head to toe grey.  This is PERFECT for the inbetween months.  Actually, the blazer totally reminds me of the vintage one Andrew picked up.  Some cool bleach denim jeans, and the grey dress shoes.  Is it the man, or the clothes, or the fact that he can pull off the clothes. idk. but I love it.  


Another perfect look… Blazer, white graphic tee, badass shoes.. swap the tights for jean shorts or a black miniskirt (see: American Apparel or Urban Outfitters).. and you are GOOD TO GO.  Of course add the statement bracelet.  


Okay this is a look I am really gravitating towards (as well as thinking about as I do lunges across the room to the kitchen)  Micro Jean shorts, white tee, rockglam vest, and black tights.  I am obsessed with the fact that she is showing the “almost-crotch-black-part” of the tights.. Is there a name for that? You know what i mean.  


So yeah, when are khaki blazers/light trenches not in? never. Pair it with a lighter distressed denim, and a tank, and you’re golden for class, especially between laundry days when you are missing practically everything except for jackets.

 Avoid looking like the  “girl-who- didnt-check-the-weather-to-see-that-the-rain-isnt-going-to-hit-us” by rolling up the sleeves and keeping the rest of the outfit low key.  


h-o-t.  A little “walk-of-shameish”. But hell, its awesome.  Loving the Mary Jane shoes with the super short shirt dress and a cardigan.  Throw this with tights, or leggings, and it is perfect for rolling to class to.  

Too fancy for class? pair it with some flat slouchy boots or ankle cowboy boots.  and remember… you can always pull the “I’m meeting a friend from out of town after class for lunch and drinks!” when your bitchy galpal says “wtf, why are you SO dressed up”.

aka she’s just jealous. 


Again, loving the short shorts, simple tee… here she threw some see through mesh shorts under these micros.  

I love the effect. 

My version of the September Vogue “Favorites” Later this week– until then… hope everyone had a great first day of classes. 






2 Responses to “Used and Abused: Campus Fashion”

  1. What a great post! I totally have that issue most days and cant wait till its cold enough to pull of leather / wet-look leggigns again! Walk-of-shame look thats soo funny!! x

  2. Me & Marisa Says:

    Lol I totally thought the same thing M! I was like… hmmm that blazer looks really familiar. Guess it’s time to get a pair of grey dress shoes.

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