Weekend Recap & Last Week of Freedom

I apologize for my lack of post-age. I have had been warding off a migraine all week in conjunction with getting school stuff prepared. 

I am super excited to be starting my junior year as a transfer student at the University of Dallas!  

scary but awesome. 


This past weekend I went to the North Texas State Fair. The fair is a 501(c) (3) non-profit event that focuses the revenue generated towards scholarships and facilities in the Denton and North Texas Area. So far the 2009 fair has raised about 6.something million dollars!

It is a huge event that runs through the 30th of August– so if you are in the area, check it out. And the funnel cakes are aaaaaaamazing.  




I have never been to a rodeo, so that was our main attraction.  It was scary to say the least.  I mean, I am an equestrian, but these people get on horses (or bulls) to purposely get bucked off. I mean, one way or another, you are coming off and it is probably not going to be on your own terms.  C-r-a-z-y.  



These kids had the most amazing face painting job ever. 





Besides the Fair, I have been laying low, trying to get things situated for school.  Here are a couple of my finds from thrifting in dallas the other day.  

An older James Avery piece, i believe…


Similar style, very cool… no designer initials, just numbered…. any suggestions? 


Hammered metal necklace… needed some fixing up, but i totally dig it. 


Also drove around stephenville a little and caught some great photos of this wrought iron place… 




I also love this old oil drum thingy and potato truck.. 



Great places to do a shoot of some of the pieces i’ve picked up and havent had a chance to document.  

more later after I get rid of this throbfest in my head.. suggestions for migraine relief are encouraged.  



One Response to “Weekend Recap & Last Week of Freedom”

  1. That second necklace is the hand of fatima symbol. It’s a popular necklace/ souvenir from middle eastern/arabic countries.

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