Charlize Theron Vogue 2009This past week the September Vogue was unveiled at a party in NYC, so I felt it was only fitting for Me & Marisa to do editor picks for women’s Fall 2009 as well. So I went over to our friends at fast fashion mecca- Top Shop and picked out my favorite pieces for the season. I have a lot here, so I’m doing my absolute favorite in each category as large pics and then my other pics as thumbnails. Enjoy! Hope you had a great weekend!
-Andrew J

Top Shop Ruched Waist Dress
Dresses I picked this dress as my favorite because it has a ruched mid-waist, slim almost space age fit and structured shoulders
Top Shop Stripe Strap DressTop Shop Leopard Print DressTop Shop Selina Rose Dress by MotelTop Shop Embellished Shoulder DressTop Shop Cosmic Shoulder Dress


Top Shop Skull Biker Jacket
Jackets this was a toss up between this and the sequin boyfriend blazer (next image), but in the end it came down to biker-chic as my pick for fall
Top Shop Sequin Boyfriend BlazerTop Shop Premium Panelled JacketTop Shop Embroidered Trophy JacketTop Shop Checked Shoulder Jacket


Top Shop Ruffle Chekced Pencil Skirt
Bottoms I’m lumping together skirts and pants, but this was my favorite skirt hands down, although I’ve liked what I’ve been seeing with the cropped harem pant lately
Top Shop Ruched Hem Harem TrouserTop Shop Elastic Waist Flannel SkirtTop Shop Harem Trouser


Top Shop Ruffle Check Playsuit
Playsuits I know, I know, very similar to the skirt, but I like it equally well, if not more, in a playsuit. I just think this pattern and color choice is a nice way to do the plaid thing without looking like you’re living in the Canadian Rockies. Although this other playsuit is very cool too, so it’ll get a larger pic lol.
Top Shop Metalic Playsuit

 Top Shop Able Suede Heeled Trainer
Shoes, shoes, shoes, omg… yeah you know the rest. I like these because, well, they’re different. But they are similar enough to an ankle boot that I think they will still look good on almost any girl and can be worn with anything from jeans to a skirt or playsuit. I actually had the three buckle grey ankle boot as my favorite pick, but ended up changing it out last minute.
Top Shop Almera Three Buckle Zip Ankle BootTop Shop Antique Stud Toe Ankle BootTop Shop Slash Gladiator PlatformTop Shop Surreal Multi Buckle ShoeTop Shop Ladder Caged Lattice SandalTop Shop Shallow Lace Up Shoe

Top Shop Studded Belt
Belts simple double wrap studded belt. Not everything can be a huge statement piece like my other pick lol.
Top Shop Chain and Elastic Belt

Top Shop Rhinestone Bangle Pack
Bangles I like the contrast of this bangle pack, I think it blends the feminine, more traditional, gold braclets well with the more rocker black bangle.
Top Shop Studded BangleTop Shop Mesh Bangle MultipackTop Shop Beaded Bangle


Top Shop Pearl On Chain Necklace
Necklaces why did I pick this one? Because they are pearls on chains. I mean come on, how cool is that?
Top Shop Multi Dop ChainTop Shop Leather Strand NeckwearTop Shop Metal Tassle Necklace



  1. Hey Andrew, Great post, over here we have to wait until actual September before they import the US Vogues – so annoying! I love that grey dress with ruched up waist!! I was only in Topshop the other day and didn’t see that, so will have to go back! I actually went in to get that sharp shoulder jacket with leather sleeves as it looked amazing – but was so pleather and really cheap looking in real life ;-( I ended up with some insane cut-out-legging-johpur-hybrids though, will have to post them they are so fab! Will see what I can find out about clothes swaps state side, you can always throw your own! xx Pearl

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