Well it’s official. I’m back in Norman for my final semester of OU. Not really looking forward to doing the school thing again, but meh, it’s one semester, I can manage. So yesterday I tackled all of my unpacking/reorganizing of my clothing both from my time in Dallas as well as Tulsa over the summer… I’m out of room. I literally have no where else to put clothes, and there is still a stack of clothing sitting in my guest room that needs to be hung up! Oh and I’m out of hangers. Alas, I’ve still eyed a few cool shops in town that I plan on checking out either today or tomorrow. Anyways, I had to take a picture of my closets because they may never look this organized again any time soon. Also, did a little online browsing last night and some of my favorite picks are down below. Have a great day!

P.S. I need a haircut in the worlds worst way.
P.S.S. I promise I’ll do a post for women’s fashion very, very soon.

Closet #1
IMGP1162Closet #2
Closet #3- Walk-in left side
IMGP1165Closet #3- Walk-in right side
IMGP1161Some shoes, didn’t get a picture, but quite a few pairs are under my bed now in a storage thing my mom got me.
IMGP1163A couple more pair plus some belts.

I didn’t have the heart to photograph my winter clothing or the chest of drawers in my room… but sweaters were sitting on top of this chest in the guest room closet and in a few of the drawers… Marisa, look at what you’ve done to me! Lol

Cope Pullover Cowl Neck
Heavy Metal Hoodie
D Collection Gilligan Toggle Coat
Kon Lines Tee
Standard Quilted Front Zip Sweater


3 Responses to “I NEED TO GO SHOPPING… HA”

  1. You are worse than a heroin addict! LoL Your closets are beautiful though….my chaotic closets are jealous….

  2. OK….that’s it…..repeat after me…..Back away from the store…..back away from the store…..Save yourself while you still can! lol

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