Sorry I was MIA yesterday, but glad to see Marisa got a post up, love the pics btw M, especially the one of you on the red metal thing! So, yesterday I went into Tulsa to go have lunch with an old friend and ended up getting canceled on… sucks right? Well we ended up getting together like an hour later, but neither here nor there. I think there may be something wrong with me though… I went to the mall to kill time… … … and I didn’t buy anything! Maybe it’s Swine Flu.

Anywho, here is some stuff from a few of our readers that I wanted to pass along. Always love hearing from you guys to know that there are actually people reading this out there, so feel free to look me up on myspace or email us at

bespoken fall winter 2009
I have no idea whose jacket this is, image says “Bespoken“, but a reader sent it to me because they thought I would like it… they are right! I want to find it and buy it… pronto!

Another reader emailed me on Facebook and told me he had a three weddings to go to throughout the month of August and that several of the same people would be at all three weddings. He wanted to know if it was okay for him to wear his summer suits to the wedding post Labor Day, or if he needed to go shopping. So I responded with the following:
Blake, here is my rule of thumb on the whole Labor Day thing, they say don’t wear white after… but I still do. I think it’s a totally personal thing. The trick is basically the same with “can you mix brown and black?” the answer is “if you have to ask, then no.”
More directly; You’ll be totally fine wearing your summer items, especially if all of the weddings are in Oklahoma. It’s still quite hot so the whole Labor Day thing in my opinion is more of a guideline with regional exceptions.
But I always encourage shopping! So in the spirit of that, feel free to get an item or two that could easily be taken from summer to fall. Something a little heavier than summer weight- It will look like your aware that the season is changing without rushing it.

This last one I’ll have to summarize because the reader caught me on facebook chat. He was wanting to update his look a little and start dressing a little more, as he put it, “grungier/urban/casual (as in a don’t give a damn what anyone might think about what I’m wearing)” So I sent him to the pic I posted, I believe last week, of me in the tank with the dark jeans and the Dr. Martens. I advised him to get a pair of boots and go with a skinnier jean. I advised him to play around with volume and mix volumes (baggy on top, tight on bottom and such). I also told him to go to some thrift stores because it is a great place to find things that other people won’t be wearing and when you find something “grunge” it will be authentic because it came from that era. He told me he didn’t want to come off as too fashionable and that’s when I told him the same thing I tell everyone: “If you think you look stupid, you’re going to look stupid, if you think you look awesome, other people will to. Your perception of self is the best thing you can wear. Confidence is key when it comes to fashion.”

Hope if you had similar questions, that helped. Again, please write as I really enjoy answering this type of stuff. Hope your week is going well!


One Response to “MAIL FROM READERS”

  1. kelly carll Says:

    Bespoken Clothiers makes this outerware. All there stuff is amazing….. For the first times makes me wish I was a man!

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