I love abandoned gas stations.

I am finally back on Central Time. The jet lag of Dallas to DC to Ireland back to DC back to Dallas have worn off after a few night of sleeping by 9pm waking up at 9am.  🙂 loved it.


I am passing the next couple of weeks before I head back into the city at best friends.  Stephenville is definitely a one horse town. Thank God for the Starbucks down the road. 

Went and saw District 9.. directed by Neill Blomkamp and produced by Peter Jackson…My friend Abdul recommended it.  Figures it would be totally gory and alien obsessed. Its a friendship story between Aliens and Humans.  Sad ending. If you have a weak stomach don’t see it.  If you like Gears of War- you will LOVE it. It reminds me of a cross between Schindler’s List and Wall-e. 

Picture 1

Since i have been spoiled using my moms Canon Rebel this past month, I am back to my little point and shoot.. but no matter– alex and I had some fun at this abandoned gas station and at the Stephenville park…. 












 my best friend is gorgeous. 

we got some great shots with the morning sun..

pretty much the only glamourous thing you can do in stephenville is dress up and let the cowboys oogle you 😉

i don’t mind. 

more later.




One Response to “I love abandoned gas stations.”

  1. The B&W of Alex is amazing. Great shot, squeaky.
    I showed it to Christopher (who is sitting next to me) and he said: “is that Alex?” “Wow”

    Out of the mouths of babes.

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