This weekend was a good one. My last before I head back to Norman for my final semester at OU (woot!). To kick off the weekend, my family and I headed to a concert series at Utica in Tulsa. While there, we were joined by friends Rebekah from tango (yes she’s the one with the silver shoes as someone put it to me), her father, and then one of my sister’s friends from high school Cassie. Good music, great conversation.

After the concert, Rebekah, Joy, Cassie and I all headed out to Hibiscus on Brookside for some music and to meet up with one of my sister’s work associates in from out of town. Come to find out, the work associate, Casey Printers, played for the Kansas City Chiefs in the NFL and was in town for a few days doing business training with my sister’s boss. Very nice guy. He brought his brother and one of his friends along as well for the evening. Brookside was pretty dead that night, not going to lie, but we tried to make our own fun. Even going so far as to seek out Karaoke one time at the pool hall Sharkey’s… not a good idea.

On a side note before I get to the pictures, went and saw Julie & Julia with the family as well, very good movie, and I totally related to how Julie (the blogger) felt in the film lol. Highly recommend it for some light entertainment. On to the pictures. Hope you had a great weekend, enjoy!

Utica ConcertIMGP1077This was the smallest cutting board I’ve ever seen so of course, my mother would have it lolIMGP1073My sister, making an entrance.IMGP1066Genius discovery- these are pre-mixed drinks you just put in the freezer and in a couple hours, voila- frozen margarita!IMGP1081Cassie, myself, Rebekah and Joy. Yes I felt like a pimp.
African Mask- Andrew Jones MeAndMarisa.wordpress.comIMGP1090IMGP1093
Casey Printers and Joy Jones
Casey and my sister… not sure what they’re doing…
Casey Printers dancingIMGP1096
Rebekah teaching my sister to tango
Random BBQ place, just liked the lighting


One Response to “WEEKEND RECAP”

  1. Since your photos are not linking to comment sections….in regard to the photo of Casey and me breaking down, I only have one thing to say…..GET YOUR BOOTY ON THE FLOOR TONIGHT! MAKE MY DAY!

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