As I’m sure many of you are aware, this weekend is the 40th anniversary of the worlds most famous festival in the summer of 1969: Woodstock. Today I watched a documentary on Woodstock with my parents, and it was really awesome to have people who lived through Woodstock with me while I watched it. So today, I’m paying homage to the summer of 1969! Peace all!

Woodstock Andrewwoodstock coupleThe album cover Woodstock couple
Bert, Ira, Maxine Woodstock
Bert Ira & MaxineJoe Cocker Woodstock

Joe Cockercountryjoe jim marshall woodstockJim MarshallJanis Joplin WoodstockJanis Joplin, yes, she is amazing.

Jefferson AirplaneJefferson Airplanejimi hendrix woodstockJimi HendrixJoan BaezJoan BaezSly and the family stone woodstockSly and the Family Stone

max yasgurMax Yasgur the man whose field made it possible!


2 Responses to “HAPPY 40TH WOODSTOCK!”

  1. ooooooh i had no idea that it was 40 years ago – very interesting xoox

  2. maximumfiction Says:

    You might get a kick out of my fictional rendering of the freaky events at Woodstock on Monday, August 18, 1969:


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