Sticks and Stones…

I haven’t done a fashion post in a while… I figured I’d drop a couple along with some amazing photos of my impromptu beach trip to visit my family in Cape Hatteras. 

Page_1Rummaging through the hand-me-down Louis Vuitton.  Wearing a white JCrew boyfriend Tee which I worked some magic on to become and off the shoulder shirt.  Just some old Hanes sweats, and my moms Ebel Opal and Diamond Watch.

 I read that it is bad luck to wear Opal if it is not your birthstone.. any thoughts? 

First day back in Fredericksburg, Virginia. To be quite honest I wasn’t sure what to do with myself.  Ended up going to the mall and getting a massage, then meeting up with Matt Blakley for some reminiscing.  Got to meet his sweet girlfriend and his other friend who is an artist, she has some amazing work– possibly a future interview (i will keep you posted).  Out of my sheer boredom I jumped in the car and drove a painful 6 and a half hours (weather delays) to the Outer Banks to meet up with the family. 

IMG_3492My sweet new snap studded cuff from none other than Hot Topic. I wonder how much their sales have increased with this new influx of “hardXcore”/ punk rock fashion.  IMG_3566_2IMG_3562

Family Photo Outfit:  White Oxford, Lucky Brand Boyfriend capris, Raybans.  If only life was always that simple.  


Love of Rayban’s run in the family… 


Quite possibly my favorite picture that I have ever taken.  I love the balance of sky to sea. 



Gorgeous shot of my mom and dad. 


Cape Hatteras 

IMG_3582I don’t think she’s beautiful i think she’s beyond it 😉

My mom with her Bailey shirt from Nordstrom’s, my Swarovski necklace, Coach sunglasses, and geometric earrings. 


peace out.

driving back to F-rednecksburg tomorrow morning…

flying back to Dallas on Saturday.

busy busy busy. 

xo (marisa) 


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