Okay so I know I said I’d post the rest of the pictures from the photo shoot, but I HAVE to do this post for today on the awesome experience I had last night. My parents have been going to tango lessons in Tulsa recently and last night I went with them. Although I didn’t dance (because I don’t know the first step for tango), I got some really cool pictures. The lighting was dim so some of them blurred. The people were also SO amazing, I can’t wait to go back. Enjoy!

Tango Silhouette

Buddha Statue





I love how everything but her face blurred. Looks really cool I think.

Aww my parents dancing
I love this shot. The women will sometimes close their eyes and do what’s called the “Tango Trance



Tango Kick

LOVE this picture! She is a great dancer, and check out that kick!

Birthday Tango

It was his birthday, so all of the women had to line up and dance with him- very cool.


And finally, the lady who puts it on at her house to the far left.

If you guys are in Tulsa/interested in learning more about Tulsa Tango, check out their website; http://tulsatango.net


5 Responses to “A NIGHT OF TANGO”

  1. i actually really like the lighting effects!

  2. I think I know that girl on the far right, is that Marisa?

  3. I just saw these pictures on a “intro to ballroom” flyer at EOSC and said to myself. “I’ve been there before and those people look familiar” I had taken some tango lessons at their home. Enjoyed the photos and wish I lived closer to take more lessons.

    • Me & Marisa Says:

      Very cool! Yeah they are a great group of people. I’m actually bummed I don’t live closer than I do since I’m down in Norman otherwise I’d spend a lot more time with them.

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