This weekend was a bittersweet one to put it mildly. Marisa finished up her internship at The Richards Group on Friday and left for Virginia on Saturday and then Ireland yesterday. I’m very sad she’s gone. But we both know we’ll be seeing each other very, very soon- we just can’t go too long away from each other lol.  On Friday we were going to be going to the Hotel ZaZa for our ’70s party that we had been thrifting costumes for like crazy. Inevitably it got rained out. However, not to be discouraged, we got dressed in our ’70s garb anyhow and went around town. Fernanda and Roxanne met up with us a little later and we all went out to Uptown Bar & Grill for a little bit followed by a 3 a.m. stint at Cafe Brazil. A very fun night in all. Saturday was seriously one of the most enjoyable Saturday’s I have had in a long time. I went to Urban Taco and then on to (500) Days of Summer (great movie which I highly recommend), but I have to say it was the company that really made the day. On to the pictures!
P1010519Oh! and I ate at Eatzi’s for the first time ever!
See, our outfits rocked!
The worlds worst wine: Boho– we resorted to putting Captin Crunch in it to try and help it taste better ha
Her makeup looked really pretty
I’m convinced everyone looks good in my glasses
Sarah Palin anyone?
A new blazer from Saks Marisa picked up while we were shopping the other day, so British Rocker to me- I want to say the shirt is from thrifting the other day too
Love this shot- shirt; Scotch and Soda


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