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I know I already posted the weekend recap today, but I had to post these if for no other reason than the fact that I know how much Marisa loves Tory Burch. M I think you have to get to get the ones that are second in from the right!

TORY BURCH 2009 Fall



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Well let’s see, this weekend was relatively low key and I did absolutely zero damage in the clothing department… There really just isn’t shopping here! I have to find someplace where I can help my addiction in the only way I know how… giving in to it. Otherwise I’m going to have to resort to driving to Dallas every weekend and ordering stuff online… the horror. Suggestions?

Speaking of horror, this weekend was eventful in one respect and that is the freaky factor. Okay so I reported that a friend and I went and attempted ghost hunting on like Tuesday or Wednesday of last week but we got rained out. Well I posted a facebook message that night saying if anyone wanted to join to text me. An old friend of mine from high school, Shelby Owen, text me and told me she wanted to go this weekend. So on Friday night at around 10 pm we loaded up again and made attempt two. We were joined by Cassie Pharis (pictured in the last weekend recap from Tulsa) and her boyfriend Russell… it was a regular group out of Friday the 13th or something. So we drove out to “The Witches House” place again and although Cassie and Russell went back to his truck; Shelby, Tyler and I wondered around this forest for like 45 minutes. We heard freaky noises and had a run in with an armadillo that charged Shelby (which subsequently ended in me yelling like a 4-year-old girl), but the freakiest “ghost” thing didn’t happen till after we were heading back and realized that we started right by the witch house and were wondering around looking in the wrong place. As we approached the ruined house, from somewhere in the field very close to us between us and the trees, we heard someone dragging something metal long enough for us to all stop in our tracks, look at each other and realize it wasn’t any of us. Oh and we were the only people around for a good while… We took that as a warning and hightailed it out of there.

Witch House

It looks so friendly doesn’t it?

Witch House 2

After the Witch House thing, Cassie and Russell decided they had had all of the excitement they could stand for one night, and they ended up not going with us to the haunted… abandoned… insane asylum (Griffin Memorial) very near my house in Norman… I know, I know… we’re dumb. So we ended up not actually going inside because we were A) Too freaked, and B) really didn’t want to go in some place that has no windows and all 3 of the doors are very much boarded up or sealed with iron bars. But we did find this letter taped to the front door. The letter was perhaps the scariest part of the whole evening, especially considering that it was dated August 27, 2009 (and we were there on the 28th). The letter read like something fresh out of a psych ward with weird underlining’s, random words in all caps and seemingly gibberish speak. It was taped to the door with a tear out from a book titled “The Prisoner’s Dilemma” which was published at… wait for it… 666 5th Ave New York City. Oh and the numbers 4296 kept showing up EVERYWHERE in the letter and it was always like “4296, 4296” underlined twice.

Long story short we had this letter pegged for a code leading to a dead body or something, especially when we went to the place where we deciphered to be the location of whatever the letter was talking about at 3 in the morning and a cop was there with lights on and a flashlight searching a nearby ditch… But nothing ever showed up on the news, so I’m going to chock it up to three college kids and their imagination.

Moral of the story– Shopping is a much safer way to spend your time… and don’t go looking for trouble cause you’ll get scared lol.
Hope your weekend was less eventful than mine.
-Andrew J

Los Colinas Mustangs

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A little outing today, it was just so damn nice out. 

Williams Square in Las Colinas, Irving, Texas.

Granite plaza the size of two football fields. 


The world’s largest equestrian sculptures:  eight larger than life bronze mustang sculptures sculpted by Robert Glen running through water in the middle of the plaza… gorgeous. 


Robert Glen, an internationally-acclaimed wildlife artist, was commissioned for the mustang project in 1976. Glen researched the animals before creating models at his home on the outskirts of Nairobi. He sent them to Morris Singer Foundry at Basingstoke, England, for bronze casting, which was completed in 1981. (Texas Guide Life)



This foal was adorable. He is leaping into the water, the musculature and movement is SO realistic to a real colt. 




MarisaWilliamsSquare Edited

[shirt: vince. jeans: jbrand. sunglasses: kata (from Ilori in Northpark–custom shaped for your face, super cool).  scarf: roni nyc. cuff: pawn piece from hundreds of years ago- turquoise from the Bisbee mine.]


IMG_1359Long view of the horses, this doesn’t do it justice. I need a better camera than my little one.  

Any suggestions?




yummy clothes for now and later..

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Recent Purchases: 

Good for now… 

Frye gladiator sandals 


Good for later… 

Warehouse knit sweater. alot lighter than it looks. got it in Ireland. 


Good for now and later… 

a light weight three quarter length blazer, also from Warehouse in Ireland. Really cool draped front with a silk tie. Close up below. 



I love this Vince light weight sweater. 


Sweet plaid coat from Joan Leslie.. vintage to say the least. like 5 bucks at a thrift store. bahah.


Cool Zion Coat.. silky material. Bought it for the buttons, I’m such a sucker. 


close up of the cool clasps and asymmetrical cut. 


DKNY crochet top. 


Nine West Studded Ankle Booties = Love. 


Super vintage Mochino coat. about 12 sizes too big, but i love it regardless. scared of it, but i love it. 


another warehouse dress i got in ireland. really cute fanned bottom… lots of movement and shape. 


and another light weight sweater i got from FIG and forgot to document…also a White and Warren piece. 


good finds… I like ’em. 


F.I.G. x ATM = i need more hangers.

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Today I headed into Downtown Dallas to the Fashion Industry Gallery (F.I.G) for their Semi-Annual Wholesale event.  

Seriously, it was Orgasmic. 

The F.I.G is a 25,000 multi-level showroom/loft style warehouse, so to speak, that hosts special events– usually geared towards fashion/art.  

Nicole Richie had her “Truth about Diamonds” book signing here.  Apparently Valentino hosted a private Neiman Marcus cocktail party here.  Grey Goose used the F.I.G. for  the “La Poire” vodka launch party (good place too with exposed brick and polished concrete floors= easy cleanup;  becuase vodka launches = sloshy-ness).  

Modern Luxury Dallas has also hosted parties out of his venue.  

I arrived around noon, expecting it to be chill and similar to the sample sale at the Zaza, I really hadn’t done much research on it, so I was going in blind. 



After finding the Valet (which was full), and attempting to park in the parking garage (which was also full), I scouted out a parking meter about 4 blocks away from the event– following the fashionistas of Dallas stomping their stillettos through downtown. 

I passed other women headed back to their cars, trash bags slung over their shoulders with the strut of pure satisfaction and an “I really hope I didn’t overdraft on my ATM card” look– of course off set by the justification to their husbands of “but baby… it was a reeeeeeeeeallly good buy” .

…yes hundreds of dollars worth of clothes in trashbags, but hell- when you are paying 35 dollars for a 280 dollar cashmere sweater I’ll freaking put in a lunch bag.


Two Levels. Probably 75 showrooms. Hundreds of designers. Thousands of dollars worth of discounts. 


This is Pam Martin & Company’s show room.  She sells to the boutiques and doesn’t actually have a permenant store, so it was exciting to see alot of new treasures she had stored away. Pam Martin and her representative, Katie Koloc, were there working the store.  

They were incredibly sweet and carried some fantatic lines: 

cooper by courtney
creme fraiche
isabella fiore
weston wear 
white + warren 



I was constantly texting Andrew “OMFG” “YOU NEED TO BE HERE” “DRIVE HERE NOW” “TWO WORDS: BEN SHERMAN” 

BTW, Ben Sherman was COMPLETELY sold out by the middle of the day. 


Below is a photo of the “kiosk” style show rooms… tons of local stores such as Epic and V.O.D. had a great showcase of items. 

Tommy Bahama had a huge showcase, Ben Sherman (as mentioned), a lot of gorgeous jewelry designers, massages…. if you were looking for something, you could find it. 



The Cupcakery was giving out free mini cupcakes and waters. Delicious. Seriously, Sprinkles doesn’t hold a flame.  I had the Red Velvet– it was spectacular. 


Of course I had to get a shot of the Dallasite in training… you shoulda seen this girl, she can go through some racks like no one’s business.  


A great bar serving mixed drinks, smoothies, energy drinks, little snackies, etc. 


And of course… the treasures. 

The pictures don’t really do them justice, oh well. 

 One Girl Who plaid cardigan: 

Retail: 140 

Price: 30


White and Warren Cashmere Coon Shrug, three-quarter length sleeve. 

Retail: 145

Price: 35


ISDA and Co Cashmere Dress

Retail: 158 

Price: 30 


Line Open Poncho with Tie

Retail: 253 

Price: 63



and a White and Warren flowy white mesh sweater I scored for 75% off orginal price, probably somewhere around 20 bucks. 


…and yeah, thats the dorm room, FML. 

I could definitely have stayed there for hours, luckily I only put an hour and a half into the parking meter.  

Words of Advice: 

1. They usually only take cash. 

2. Set a prelimit for how much you want to aim to spend, it makes bargain hunting that much more fun. I did this by only withdrawing XXX.XX amount of dollars. 

3. Wear something like leggings and a dress. You could tell the girls who were damn serious about scoring some amazing loot, becuase they said F changing rooms, and pulled shorts on over their tights and took their dresses off with a cami underneath. 

4. Go Hungryish,.. obvi nothing’s worse than trying on a shit ton of clothes with a full belly… plus, cupcakes were there! 

5. Plan Ahead.  

Scope out the parking spots.

Set a list of exactally what you are looking to find and how much you are willing to spend on a particular item (be it how much it must be discounted or an exact over/under amount).

 Do a once over when you first get there, take a jog of where the stores are, who is sellign out fast, who seems to have more in the back, and who is going to be opening their showcase the next day (they usually space designers out so that there is new stuff each day).  

Also, do NOT be afraid to ask them to hold items for you, but don’t be an asshole about it and not come back. Ask if they will hold it for you for 15-20 minutes and that you will be back whether you want to purchase the item or not. 

Check out for more information or look them up on facebook. 


Some Random Looks I Love.

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Yes, this is Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes. Amazing style to say the least.susancernek


Picture 1





AnnaSelezneva blumarine fall 09

Picture 3

just moved into my dorm room at UD. exhausted. possibly heading to casino night though, we will see. 



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Last night was perhaps the most spectacular lightning show I’ve ever seen. The lightning was SO intense that it almost gave me vertigo… Yes, I was out in it. Because one of my friends and I got the amazing idea in our heads that we should go ghost hunting lol. Well we ended up getting to this place called “The Witch House” and it came a downpour. To make matters worse, we forgot our flashlights. But it was really lightning like ever 2-3 seconds so we reasoned that we could use that as our light. We didn’t get far, going to try again this weekend lol.

Today it’s still dreary and rainy, but the shopping gods delivered something to me early this morning. I opened my door to find a package with a nice cropped navy blue rain trench in it! Very excited and I’m actually happy about this weather now. Hope your day is going well!

Navy Cropped Rain Trench and Boots
Paired it with my vintage boots that I found last week and tucked in Diesel’s
Vintage Boots
Save This City
Throw on my “Save This City” shirt from Assembly in Dallas and I have maybe my favorite rainy day outfit ever lol
IMGP1325Oh almost forgot, funny pose I know, but you have to get creative when you have no one around to take your pic and no tripod ha. My favorite sunglasses broke (sad face) so these are the replacements that came in the same package as the jacket.

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