This is the look that is inspiring my entire fall/winter wardrobe… I love it, has my favorite colors (which yes, are white and black), and it’s just very… je ne sais quoi… French! Just thought I’d share. Pic from a video on P.S. Does anyone know who does the song on their video?
Picture 1Boots

And because Marisa couldn’t wait for me to add my picks from Reiss to her post, here are my favorites from their collection:
Picture 5Picture 1Picture 3Picture 4Picture 6These two are perhaps my favs… and the first one
Picture 7Picture 8Picture 9Picture 11Picture 12



  1. Brooke Cowlishaw Says:

    I think you mean je ne sais quoi… (French minor) 🙂

  2. They are really great looks, I love the black and white and beige mac look best too, I also like the brown tshirt – great colour!

  3. Hi, do you know the name of the Reiss model that features in the video you have published above?

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