First off, it’s been raining or cloudy since Monday… very hard to wake up in the morning when there is no sun… In Dallas… I mean come on.

IMGP0213On to other topics. Last night Marisa and I went to Hotel ZaZa for an event called Drink and Deal which was an event for some boutiques from around Dallas. It was pretty fun. A little crowded (small room), and no guys stuff *sigh*, but Marisa tried on a nice dress that I tried to convince her to buy to no avail. After the event, her dad (who was staying at ZaZa) came down and we had dinner at the hotel restaurant The Dragonfly. Dinner was wonderful and the conversation was great. All in all, another great evening in Dallas. Enjoy the pics!

 IMGP0225IMGP0224IMGP0228IMGP0243A very nice photographer from the Dallas Morning News held a little photo-shoot right here for Marisa and I, it was funny
IMGP0220IMGP0222IMGP0237IMGP0246Rooms were very pretty too, this doesn’t do them justice by any means


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