I am a self proclaimed box wine hater.

Come on people.

Picture 8

really?- class act.

Throw a swirly straw in there and get the hell out of my party.

…however, these–how shall i saw it– “alternatively” packaged wines, seem very worthy to attend.

Picture 6

Yellow + Blue: They partnered with winemakers who harvest organically grown grapes and use only traditional, natural winemaking processes making their wine environmentally friendly (hence the yellow + blue = green= eco) Yellow + Blue is certified organic throughout the entire growing, winemaking and packaging process

Picture 1

They further reduce their environmental impact by buying the wine diretly from the makers before they are bottled, the ship the wine in steel cartons to america, where they are “bottled” into a Tetra Pak. They’re made from 75% paper harvested from appropriately managed forests and they hold two more glasses of wine than a bottle.

Oh and the wines arent bad either :

2007 Malbec

Picture 2

Yumminess: Intensely red with strong violet reflexes

Sniff: Plums, mature fruits and spices

Curves: Complex with a firm structure

Pairing: grilled meats, rosemary, garlic, and fennel dishes

Vinyard: Alto Salvador

Location: 40 kilometers east of the Andes Mountains, in one of the highest places in the Department of San Martin, Mendoza, Republic of Argentina

Magic: The unique climate, the water from the thaw of the Cordillera de los Andes and the organic cultivation methods help grow their Malbec grapes. Their craftsmanship and care have been recognized at six Biofach expositions, the largest annual exhibition of organic products in the world held in Nuremberg, Germany. All totaled, Alto Salvador has brought home six silver and six bronze medals from the Biofach expositions.

2008 Torrontes

Picture 4

Yumminess: Light yellow with hints of green

Sniff: Fresh aroma of peach, cantaloupe, and pineapple with a touch of lime

Curves: Fresh and lively with a medium body and good aciditiy and a long fruit/mineral laden finish

Pairing: perfet for smoked meets, cheeses, seafood and spicy dishes

Vinyard: Cafayate

Location: Cafayate Valley, Argentina. elevatation typically around 5,500 feet

Magic: The high elevation guarantees diurnal temperature extremes, where afternoon temperatures plummet at night, typically from the mid-80s during the day to the mid-50s at night. This preserves acidity, which would otherwise “bake out” during warm nights.

2008 Malbec

Picture 7

Yumminess: Profound purple color with hints to persimmon

Sniff: Heavy aroma of black cherries, chocolate, and garrigue

Curves: Medium- full bodied with a fine tannins and lingering, complex finish.

Pairing: Grilled meats, rosemary, garlic, and fennel dishes.

Vinyard: San Juan

Location: San Juan Province, lcoated approxmately 2,000 feet above sea level near Chili.

Magic: Low rain and plentiful sunshine resulted in optimum ripening conditions for these 100% certified organic, estate-grown grapes. All harvesting was done by hand, with a strict triage, or sorting process, performed before de-stemming and crushing. Fermentation occurred in stainless steel with indigenous yeast.

2008 Rose

Picture 5

Yumminess: Coral with warm pink undertones

Sniff: Aromas of ripe strawberries, tangerines and melons

Curves: Medium body with fine acidity and a long mineral laden finish

Pairings: You Choose

Vinyard: Alicante

Location: Alicante, located approximately 2,000 feeta bove sea level where the “goblet” (víña en vaso) system is used to gaurantee airing perfection

Magic: Rainfall early in the growing season, followed by a warm summer, resulted in a full and uniform ripeness of the Monastrell and Syrah grapes. All work, including the harvest, was done by hand. After crushing, the must was macerated for 10 hours before decanting. Fermentation took place in stainless steel for 17 days at a temperature of 13-16° Celsius (55-60° F.)

Check out where you can buy or try the wines:

... quick info for Distribution in Texas:

Avante Beverages
1701 Summit Ave. #12
Plano, TX 75074
Phone: 972-943-0263




2 Responses to “BOXED WINE”

  1. In recent years many more vintners have entered the world of organic wines. Organic

  2. Thanks for the savvy reviews. I’m all for alternative wine packaging as long as the produce speaks for itself and is drinkable. CHeers!

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