Some of the remaining pics from the weekend. Enjoy!

P.S. I’ve decided; If you ever need help appreciating the small beauties in life, just take your camera out for a day.

[Edit: If the pics don’t load for you, just click them, I don’t know why they’re doing that]


IMGP0080IMGP0103IMGP0108IMGP0111IMGP0118IMGP0120IMGP0127IMGP0129IMGP0137Okay this lady was basically begging to have her picture taken… she was standing there forever and kept looking at me lol
IMGP0138IMGP0140IMGP0152 Love this one, the coloring on this post was awesome


3 Responses to “WEEKEND RECAP (PART DEUX)”

  1. So true its amazing how much more you percieve things when you’ve got your camera at the ready! And so annoying when you forget it and see loads of amazing things grrr!

  2. Ana (the one that got away) LOL Says:

    Darling these are all amazing… I love the shots you took on your walk! They are all amazing! Thanks for making me smile with the view of them! Your pictures paint words! Love them! Muah!

    • Ana (the one that got away) LOL Says:

      must add that the stair case pic was my favorite…seriously spoke volumes… email me a hard copy! I will totally make it my profile pic!

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