Finally got my camera!!! Picked it up on Friday, but I wasn’t feeling too great so I didn’t take many pics that day.

Saturday I spent the whole day at the mall for the Lilly Pulitzer event my intern group put together for Baal Dan Charities (www.baaldan.com). It was kind of a slow day at the mall, but we ended up doing okay. Lilly contributed 10% of all purchases to the chairty. The girls who worked that day were great too so they helped the day go by. Saturday night I just layed low and went out to dinner with the roomie. Here are some pics from the weekend and today when I ventured downtown.

First pic outta the box… little fuzzyIMGP0027

Katherine, Katie and MarleyIMGP0033IMGP0032


My first use of my zoom lens- I took the pic of this lady the back of Lilly Pulitzer… kinda creepyIMGP0044







A pretty flower surrouned by trash.IMGP0075


IMGP0089 I love my zoom!
IMGP0100If birds had a friendly meter, this one would score super high
Right after this one was taken I heard someone yell “photographer” I turned around and there was this homeless guy who said “want to take a picture of some homeless people?” despite the fact I did, I decided to play it safe and go with a “no thank you.”


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