Today is a very, very sad day for me. Today my dog Windsor is finding a new home.

While I’ve been living in Dallas, Windsor (my Weimaraner) has been staying with “granny and grandpa” aka my parents. My mom has been working with Windsor every day for two to three hours a day this summer getting her trained. She made a lot of headway, but the long and short of it… Windsor can’t be happy living in my small backyard at college. She needs to be able to run in big spaces.

So I had to make the hardest choice I think I ever have had to make… I had to be unselfish and do what was best for my dog :(. Luckily we found her a home with the son of my grandpa’s ex-wife who lives near where I go to school so I’ll be able to visit. My mom and Windsor are on their way there now. Here are some pictures from Windsor’s first day with me followed by her most recent photo taken on the 4th of July.

P1010173P1010177P1010178P1010179P1010182P1010187P1010194Baby’s first bathP1010199With Granny and GrandpaWindsorMy dog Windsor
Love you baby, be good in your new home


5 Responses to “A VERY SAD DAY”

  1. Laura Sheppard Says:

    Aw Andrew. I love your love for dogs. I understand being away from the pets one loves. It’ll be ok 🙂 At least you will get to visit her close by, and she will always be most happy to see you!!

  2. I’m feeling choked up and trying not to cry!!!!! 😦 She’s so sweet with such a happy spirit – I will always remember when she chased me and dumped all of the Easter eggs out of my basket! hehe She’s lucky because she’s loved. And she’ll be with someone who knows how to give her what she needs, and she’ll be able to RUN! Hugs!!!!!!!!!

  3. Oh I am so sorry… I hope he finds a lovely new home!


  4. I’m wiping tears while I’m typing this. This is sooooooo sad. You have SUCH a good heart to put what she needs above what you want. She’s a gorgeous baby and such a sweetheart. With the love you gave her, she’ll never forget you and will wag her tail like crazy when she sees you again. In the meantime you can feel good knowing that she’s going to get to live the life of Princess Windsor and be spoiled rotten. She’s going to be just fine and so will you…in time.

  5. Ana (the one that got away) LOL Says:

    okay so I read this per your mom’s request… seriously heart wrenching… so proud of you Andrew! You are an awesome Dad!

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