Yeah yeah yeah, what else is new right? I haven’t cooked a meal in the apartment yet. Mostly out of fear of dirtying something.

Crooked Tree Coffeehouse

Awesome little vegan/vegetarian cafe on Routh St. close to McKinney.

Tucked away in a house. Very cool- live music on Fridays and Saturdays.


There was a great band there two weekends ago, the lead singer did a phenomenal acoustic set.

seriously check them out-

Picture 1

Pros: Very chill, nice & intelligent crowd, great hummus

Cons: hard to find, coffee can sometimes be hit or miss, hard to find a seat and an outlet for the Mac on the weekends

Steel Restaurant and Lounge

On Oak Lawn at Hall and Welbourn you will see the valets jumping into Bentleys and Maseratis outside this swanky Indochine spot 


Awesome bar

Perfect place for a party, they have a private room lined with wine bottles. Very fun for a girls night out.

If you are headed there with a few friends or on a date, ask for a tall table in the back by the bar.

..and the house champagne is brillant.


Start with an order of Edamame- steaming hot, perfectly salted.

Apparently the Calamari is world class (bright flash, sorry)


The Vegetarian Sushi Rolls



Pros: fun atmosphere, consistently amazing food, attentive wait staff

Cons: lameish dessert, sometimes chilly


Upscale, pacific influence chophouse. Consistently ranked as one of the best restaurants in Texas. 

Located on N. Henderson 


The most delicious thing on the menu for vegetarians is the Tempura Green Beans and the sweet mashed potatoes 


Pros: hot restaurant, gorgeous people, great place to eat before going out 

Also they have a huge jar of salt water taffy as an after dinner treat. yum. 

Cons:  no reservations= crappy seats.  

Hard Eight BBQ

i also checked out a BBQ joint in Stephenville at the intersection of highway 281 south and highway 67

Picture 1

Mesquite smoked texas style bbq– it smelled super authentic 


and it had the most AMAZING pepper BBQ sauce. ever. 

Pros: landmark BBQ joint, huge outdoor pits make for a cool feel, free beans

Cons: not vegetarian friendly. 

Alex’s House

Alex and I were feeling like making dinner a couple weekends ago

She cooked a gorgeous brisket. 


I made a big pot of Speghetti Primavera with zucchini, red and green peppers, tomatoes, squash, a little olive oil, and salt.  Delicious.  


and we toasted our efforts with dixie cups of champagne and wished our moms had been there..

Pros: Amazing food exactally how we liked it, with the best company in the world 

Cons: dishes 

I hope everyone is salivating now. I am. 





2 Responses to “FOODIE LOVE”

  1. lol love it!

  2. Ahhh how hungry am I now! They look amazing places, my love for calamari knows no bounds!

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