Alright so this is the post I was talking about earlier today. I’ve been asked before how I would describe my style, so I wanted to do a little blog on what inspires how I dress. I really try not to be a slave to trends, because I think if you are, then you really have no style. No personal style anyhow. Instead you’re just being herded by whatever fashion editors and designers want you to wear. Now of course I take some notes from the runway, but instead, I find my fashion cues from the people closest to fashion, but when they aren’t in the limelight: Models off the runway.L1050850
L1050652sean opry
nye2008My favorite article of clothing, hands down, the white V-Neck Tee
264910_lookbook3Street-style is another great source of inspiration. I love seeing how people in other parts of the world dress.

Style is one of those kinda intangible things though. You have a style that is all your own and no matter what you wear, you’ll have your own signature stamp on it. But at the same time, your style is constantly evolving every time you look at a photo, or see a person walking down the street and think “now that looks cool.” So to come full circle, when asked to describe my style. I guess I just have to say; “It’s personal.”



  1. Love this post! I believe it was Alexander Wang who coined the term MOD (Model Off Duty) to describe the type of client he imagines desiging for. Fabulous images here!


  2. cool post – you don’t really see much of the guy models in general…even though they look amazing!

  3. great post xxxx

  4. This is a very realistic approach to fashion. More people should approach it from a “it’s personal” perspective and create their own style out of the montage of images they see and like. Great post!

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