This Saturday I went to the DMA (Dallas Museum of Art for those of you unfamiliar) for my very first time. It was a really gorgeous day and perfect for the museum. Started off touring the gardens outside which were perfect for taking pictures and then moved inside and started on the 4th floor and worked down. Really fun afternoon and I plan on going back before long. That was basically the highlight of my weekend. The rest of it I spent just chilling with myself, which actually suited me just fine. I needed to R&R time.

P1010524P1010514 copyP1010515 copyP1010516 copyP1010518 copyP1010519 copyP1010520P1010521P1010522I want this to be my couch
P1010525P1010527 copy P1010528P1010529 copyP1010532Required sustenance
 P1010535This guy was doing Japanese music live really cool
P1010537 copyPrettiest little vase ever, and SO tiny
 P1010538P1010539 copyP1010540Frederic Bazille: Portrait of Paul Verlaine As A Troubadour 1868P1010541Sir Thomas Lawrence: Portrait of Mrs. Seymour Bathurst 1828


2 Responses to “THE DMA”

  1. I like that you added your lunch to the sculpture ha ha! What a great gallery!

  2. These are gorgeous pics. You’ve got a great eye. Thanks for the tour!!!

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