I know I already posted like 2 hours ago or whatever, but I just downloaded the new Shakira single “She-Wolf” (or Spanish version, Loba) despite the awful :30 clip on Itunes… and wow, she’s still got it. I haven’t really talked about my love for all things latin, but Shakira is definitely one of my amore’s (Okay… I never said I speak Spanish…). I think she is one of the very best lyricists out there without question so the new song kinda had me worried in the beginning. But download it. It is a departure from what we’re used to hearing from her, but she’s always been a risk taker. After a couple listens you won’t be able to get it out of your head. Currently eating Japanese noodles (which I did a bomb job of cooking), drinking wine and listening to Spanish guitar. All in all, a nice Saturday evening. Was supposed to see Marisa, but she hasn’t returned my text. Boo to her.


Careful attention to the shoes… look kinda familiar no?
New scarab necklace I got today at the Dallas Museum of Art. Lady at Central Market already commented on how much she loved it while I was getting wine

I’ll do pics from the DMA in the weekend recap Monday. Enjoy the weekend everyone!
Oh and alost forgot… ordered my new camera!!!


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