I still remember the first time I met Matt.  


We were sitting in freshman orientation for the University of Mary Washington.  Naturally, I was sitting by myself– and even more naturally, Matt wasn’t.  I accidently dropped my phone which slid under the chair in front of me.  It was picked up by Matt’s freshman year roomate, Harrison, who handed it back and said in a stoned, but totally genuine, “uhm, hey, is this like, your phone?” Matt rolled his eyes.   


From that moment on, it started many more memories, usually being instigated by Harrison’s constant state of cluelessness, Matt and I’s innate desire to lovingly imitate him, and our combined bitchiness and sarcasm.

“We’re going to be great friends” 

I have had so many fun memories, and some not so fun, all of which I cannot list on this blog for legal and parental purposes. 

Enjoy the below interview, hes a great guy who has a bright future…and sorry ladies, he’s off the market. 

(I have also put a caption below the photos that are some of my favorites- although, honestly, I find each one stunning)


 Matthew B. Blakley


Age: 20

School: University of Mary Washington

Major: You tell me.

Home Town: Orange County, Virginia

Occupation: College

How long have you been a photographer?

Well, if you’re asking how long I’ve been taking pictures I’d say about 3 years.


(Marisa’s Personal Favorite) 

How did you get started?

A winter break vacation to Paris, France with my freshman year roommate and Marisa and I’s mutual friend, Bennett.

What is your favorite kind of photography to shoot?

All kinds, really. But if I had to choose I’d say editorial, fashion, and still.

What kind of camera do you use?

Nikon D60


Photographer and artists are normally closely linked with fashion. As a photographer, what are some trends you see on the horizon?

I’m no fashion expert but I think the older I get I see less busy designs and a reversion to simple, plain lines. Cardigans are a favorite of mine.

What inspires your photography?

Simple beauty, women, skin, eyes, light, texture, organics, sex, life, children, and creativity.

3461210982_a91559aa88(Marisa’s Personal Favorite) 

Are there any artist, photographers, movie directors that you are obsessed with that influence your work?

My two favorite photographers are Vincent Peters and Steven Klein. Vincent Peters takes very sensual skin-toned photos, which in my opinion are the most aesthetically pleasing and memorable. He also focuses on his model’s face with perfect lighting and naturalness that really inspires me. Steven Klein is only a favorite of mine because he shot my favorite photo of my favorite model, Adriana Lima for GQ Magazine a couple of years ago. A director that is an expert in cinematography is M. Night Shyamalan who directed The Village, The Happening, Lady in the Water, and other awesome movies. The number one artist that I appreciate and get inspiration from would be Andy Warhol. I mean, that’s pretty self explanatory. He’s the shit. 

Vincent Peters



Steven Klein


Do you see photography as a career path?

I hope so. Pursuing an art as a profession is scary but imagining my life without photography is just as scary.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Either interning for a professional photographer, at an art school, or (my fantasy vision) working as a full-time professional photographer for a major company. I’ve already concluded that the this would never happen unless a friend started their own company and/or became a CEO and then gave me a job. So get to it, bitches.


Most importantly, when are you going to do a photoshoot for Me & Marisa?

I would be stoked to conduct a photoshoot for Me & Marisa. If Me & Marisa fronted my plane ticket.

We know you just started a blog with you good friend Amy– inspired by Andrew and I’s blog.  What are you guys going to feature?

Well we think we’re pretty funny and between the two of us we want to feature what makes us laugh our asses off. We also want to feature magazine article-ish posts. We’ll blogroll you if you’re lucky.


Do you have any life lessons in your 20 years of livin’?

I know it’s cliche but: if someone doesn’t like you they’re either stupid or envious.

Is there anyone else you would recommend for us to interview?

No I think I’m enough

Check out more of Matt’s Photography at:

3460394317_891b079e45(Marisa’s Personal Favorite) 





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