First things first, check out the Matt Blakley interview below this blog. It’s great! Thanks Marisa. I just had to get this post up now becuase I’m not sure when else I’ll have time today.
Yesterday was a big day for a lot of people around the world… and yes. I’m a geek and was one of them. It was the day of the midnight showing for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. I’m currently at a photoshoot so I’ll have to make this brief, but it was tons of fun getting caught up in the hype of the movie. We picked up our tickets at NorthPark around 7 and were at the mall until around 3:00 a.m.. Needless to say I’m dragging a little today.  On a fashion note, Marisa wore a shirt and neckalace she picked up at Buffalo Exchange day before yesterday and I finally found a reason for wearing my Ferragamo shoes (some clients are in town). Here are the pics. Enjoy!

P1010460 copyI think I love them- The leather is so softP1010453 copy

P1010461 copyMarisa and I both got really excited about the fish necklace
P1010470 cropped

They’re really, really comfortable too

Retard jumped in front of the pic, but yeah people went pretty all out for thisP1010473 copyP1010475

Yes, I geeked out and got a “Dark Mark“, you can see my Kenneth Cole shoes I got thrifting the other day thoughP1010477

This Colin Creevey guy had his character down!P1010478

The best Harry Potter there in my opinion
Show time…



  1. ooh i’m excited to see the movie! you guys are too cute!

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