I had been trying to get in to get a tattoo for the past week.  I had been recommended to Obscurities off of Cedar Springs by my hair dresser at Matthew Tully’s.  The shop was clean, everyone was really nice, overall a fun experience.  Greg and Andrew went with me.  




On my left wrist I have “Great this day with love in your heart” and a small heart- both written and drawn by my mom. 


On my right wrist I wanted “I will persist until I succeed” written by my dad. 



So I brought the artist in all of the text for my right wrist, he tattooed it beautifully, really nice clean lines. 

So i was super excited and headed out to Stephenville to visit my best friend and her boyfriend who was in town from Austin. 

I arrive at her house, show her the tattoo, and she goes:

“Oh my God, I love it!..I…will…until…persist…i…succeed…I dont get it?” 

All of the blood rushed out of my body. WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST READ?! 

So yes, I am so to blame. Everyone, please proofread any  tattoo more diligently. 

Immediatly upon discovery we headed over to a tattoo parlor in stephenville. His suggest “have the f*cker pay for lazer removal, slap a picture over top of it, or go grab some razors, lemon juice, and sandpaper and scar that shit off.”  He was incredibly helpful.  I opted with researching all of the best lazer removal places in dallas.

It will be interesting to see how it works.

Will make for some great blogging.

for now, im shopping it off. 



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