For some reason I’ve rekindled a major love affair with all things Japanese. I think it all probably started the first time I watched Lost In Translation back in 2003 and decided to try to take up Japanese (which I did learn how to say a few things in), but it has probably been rekindled because Jane Aldridge, of Sea of Shoes, and her mother just went to Japan that I find myself once again a connoisseur of all things Japanese.

This weekend I’ve been listening to Tokyo by Telekinesis non-stop, have watched my beloved Lost In Translation, just went to the grocery store and stocked up on Japanese food, been exploring Japanese minimalism, Anthony Bourdain went to Tokyo so of course I watched, and now I’m absorbing all kinds of Japanese street style because I’m convinced that they are the ones who take looks from the runway to the street the best. Here are a few of my favorite street styles I’ve been observing via the site Style-Arena. Enjoy, and bring on the Cherry Blossoms!


 Premier 2Premier copy

Premier 3A favorite for surePremier Shoes

Shibuya 3
I think this girl looks like a Japanese version of Miley Cyrus
Shibuya Shoes 2
Shibuya 2

Shibua Shoes



  1. Without question, the Japanese are the finest when it comes to fashionista style. Loved all the recent updates. Anthony Bourdain? One of my favorites. I think I may be addicted to that show….LYM

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