Hey guys, Marisa was planning to post about Matt Blakley yesterday, but had a little mishap with a tatoo which I’m sure she’ll blog about soon. But so as not to go the whole weekend without a post, I’m going to do a quick one. Posting that runway pic of Garrett Neff on Friday got me thinking about who my favorite models are right now. So here are my top four male and female models right now.

Coco Rocha:
Amazing and totally beautiful


Agyness Deyn

RaquelZimmermannFendi1Raquel ZimmermannLa_Bundchen_VersaceAnd of course, La Bundchen. Does it get any better?

And on to the guys:

Garrett Neff

Garrett Neff the guy is awesome!

Evandro_Soldati 1
Evandro Soldati: Brazilians are the best

Mathias Lauridsen

 Laurent Albucher-Request

Laurent Albucher


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