First things first:


Words fail me

Pardon that little side note, on to the blog. So I have zero will power. I blame… boredom? Marisa sent me into a lions den today alone and didnt even tell me what I was getting into… Here are the fruits of that adventure:


Shirt- Houre, Jeans- William Rast, Shoes- Diesel

P1010489 copyP1010452Smoked Salmon on Russian Rye and fruit cup from Central Market that I picked up and took to Marisa’s
P1010453P1010462Then off to the wonderfully delectable world of Pacuigo… see, no will powerP1010463I look like a child… thanks Marisa
P1010461 copyP1010458The holey-jeans gangP1010457 copyP1010455Their Bailey’s really does taste like a Mudslide. Marisa had Mango which was delish tooP1010468


2 Responses to “WE HAVE ZERO WILL POWER”

  1. Me & Marisa Says:

    Baby Blog. Andrew and I both look around 13-15 years old
    Jail Bait. 🙂

    Sorry that andrew is bring a blog whore. ill post soon, if he lets me.

  2. Me & Marisa Says:


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