This is what my day has consisted of: 

wake up. 

Picture 10

Picture 8

Highland Park Starbucks always throws in my oatmeal 

Picture 9

oh shit, u-turn, Pod Breakfast from Eatzi’s 

Picture 12

Picked up a pack of amazing muffins and fruit 

Picture 13

Had to test out the Mustang Donuts Andrew brought in for his Baal Dan stuff 

Picture 11

Hole in the brain aspartame 

Picture 15




Picture 14


Even worse addiction. 

Pour La Victoire shoesies

Picture 7

Sara Berman Dress both of which I got on GILT today

Picture 17

+Work at TRG+ 


Waiting to hear back from Obscurities to see if I can sneak in to get a tat tonight– hoping so. 

Sorry ive been a lame poster lately… Combination of no wireless in my apartment with pure laziness– tons to update with. 

I need to get my act together– Tomorrow we are interviewing Matt Blakely. Hes the shit. check it out 😉 




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