Happy Second of July 

So thursday was a very easy day at TRG, everyone was anxious to get off work and party since we didn’t have to come in on Friday! 

Andrew jumped off work super early, I paced around until 5.  We met up at West Village afterwards for the already stated, non-shopping, shopping trip.  I hardly got anything, actually, i have a $25credit there right now since I had a return… love it.  The new shirt–looking it it now it looks a little preggers style, but its super comfy.


Alex in her gorgeous Free People dress and my Luxe by Steve Madden open toed booties. 

f-ing killer outfit. 

shes so fine. hehe.


We’re all dressed up for girls night thursday night because we were going to ‘Party It Up’ at club Purgatory off of Main Street in downtown D.  




DDs drive with their eyes closed and texting, duh. this was when alex was driving me mad.

“Stop sign” “green” “turn left” “one way”  “park there” “do you know where you are?” “which way?” “um, we did a circle.”

Once we got there: 

I wish that i could have taken a few photos of the creepy McCreppesters that were there.  Age 30 and up.  

Heather coined the new term “Creep Crop”.  Example Below: 




I got a couple pretty cool photos at the hookah bar, but other than that, we all just wanted to leave ASAP. 




it was packed. 

We did end up eating at Snookies off of Oak Lawn at around 3:00AM.  It was SO good.  I had the onion rings- homemade. 

Happy Third of July 

 We hit up Nordstroms Rack for some bargain hunting.  They had some gorgeous couture line in.  I thumbed through the selection, tried a couple on, didnt fall IN love, but will be back asap.  Then i got super depressed because i saw some stuff that I paid retail for.  I would much rather have spend 85% less. I cant wait for andrew and i to go wreak some havoc there. The girls walked away empty handed, I wish i could say the same.  Nice summery Juicy Couture Dress, Theory shirt, and a Matty M Halter top at a fraction of the price. Love it.

The below photo came out super weird. black and white settting, plus flash, plus early morning sun plus retarded face. ❤ 

for.what.its.worth: my new Lucky Brand boyfriend capris (i want to sleep in them), Jeff Campbell  shoesies, and a strapless top i got in like 10th grade at a boutique in Culpeper, VA. 



we also went apartment browsing 🙂  Cityplace at the Mondrian.  Very Nice.  however, no notable photos. yet. 

Happy Fourth of July

I remained indecisive about my Fourth of July plans, literally up until the last second.

I jumped in the car around 10am and drove out to to the country for a BBQ. I wish i got photos of the whole cookout experience. Food post will follow.

i seriously gained 10lbs just from this weekend– but thats what holidays are for. 


They live on a legitimate farm, like, with cows that you eat. It was awesome/sad.



Adorable tiiiiiiny Chihuahua puppy named Bridgett. 

We all stuffed ourselves, looked at cows, and then headed out for some fireworks. 


❤ my Country Girl hair style. 




Happy Fifth of July 

please consume me 

Picture 1




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