So Marisa and I did indeed do a little more damage at Assembly on Friday… big shock right? I got out with a couple new Kinetix shirts and Marisa got a great new top as well. After Assembly we went and met up with Marisa’s friends who were in from out of town for dinner at Mi Cocina which was actually pretty good. This weekend I’m up in Tulsa celebrating the 4th with my family, yesterday was really great out and I drove almost the whole way with the windows down, air on and the music blaring; a perfect summer day.

P1010452Their Swirl’s were awesome!

Our new shirt purchases
We went to go see Ice Age 3 in 3D lol, my dad was very excited, he loves those little movies

Here’s a little playlist from my drive up:
Punk Rocker- Teddybears
The Show- Lenka
Feel Flows- The Beach Boys
Neon- John Mayer
Walking To Do- Pharmacists
Waking Up In Vegas- Katy Perry
The Letter- The Veils
Tokyo- Telekinesis
Rain On- Woods
Velvet- The Big Pink
Can’t Behave- Courtney Jaye
Change Your Mind- The Killers
Hard Sun- Eddie Vedder

Hope you’re all enjoying the holiday!



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