So last night, all of the hard work the Home Depot Team has been putting into the Home Team Benefit Concert came to culmination and it was a TON of fun! I was supposed to get there around noon to start helping to set up, but as things frequently go “the day of” unexpected occurrences came up and I didn’t make it there till around 5:00. I worked the raffle table almost the whole night, I kept taking other people’s shifts because I was having so much fun! Anywho, I have to make this short becuase I’m leaving for Vegas today for my 21st birthday, so here comethe pics!



The Lakewood Theater where the concert was held


Needless to say, the building was seriously coolP1010447


P1010455I sold a ton of those things!P1010453

Tracy, my team leader at The Richards GroupP1010460

Laura had a little accident with her drink


We were total Stan-Halen groupies ha



Marisa won two tickets to Bill Maher in the raffle… I won nothing.


That’s Stan Richards on the wall in the back


Last pic before Vegas. I’m off! Excited to finally have an excuse to wear my new Hyden Yoo pants. I’ll update from Vegas. Cheers guys!


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