Okay so today, after an extremely long day of work, Marisa and I decided to go to Red Mango HQ again today and get some of the delicious fro-yo. I got to meet Dan Kim and talk with Marisa’s dad again. The space is so cool and the yoghurt totally made our long day seem worth it.




My first self-swirl

After we left Red Mango, we weren’t done for the day and next thing I knew we were going shopping.  This is where it gets cool. We went to this store, Assembly, where Marisa had gone shopping a few days ago. To our shagrin, they were closed. However, people were still inside. When Jace, our new friend, came to the door, he either recgonized Marisa or we looked like we were ready to buy some stuff. He opened the store especially for us and let us in locking the door behind us! They then cued the music back up and turned on all of the lights. So we basically got to shop in the store after hours alone, it was SO cool. I saw some people try coming in after we were in there and they didn’t unlock the door. Marisa and I both escaped with some financial damage, but we both got a pair of new, very awesome, William Rast jeans… my first pair. Marisa has warned me that I’ll never go back, but we’ve decided it needs to be a while before I get any more jeans. I justified the purchase as my 21st birthday outfit. After Assembly I had to run by Banana Republic, no damage of mentionable amount done there. Picture time! P.S. We’ll take pics of the jeans tomorrow.


Assembly, Jace in the white



One Response to “CLOSE-DOWN POWER”

  1. Laura Sheppard Says:

    I want Red Mango! 😦

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