P1010402_2Wow! Well my weekend was significantly more low key than Marisa’s. I’m actually a little jealous ha. So thinking all the way back to Friday night, after the rapid-fire-shopping-attack on North Park, Greg and I met up with our friend Lauren Salisbury and her roomie Mariya at their place, hung out for a little bit  until the girls were ready (which was a while) and then we all went out. We only went to a couple places, Idle Rich (which was way too crowded and really really hot) and Uptown Bar & Grill, because we left pretty late. All and all it was a fun night though and I got to see my friend Alexa Helms from college who I hadn’t seen in AGES. But we cut the night a a little short because I had to be up pretty early the next morning, and I was driving. Picture time (By the way, that’s Lauren with me on the right, those are the jeans and one of the shirts I got on Friday).




This weekend of course was Father’s Day, so yesterday I made the three hour drive up to Norman, OK to meet my family at my house there (it was basically half way from where they live in Tulsa). Once everyone arrived, we caught up for a bit and got ready for dinner. I suppose it’s about time to get a little personal here; my family is incredibly awesome. We are loud, totally random, and have a LOT of big personalities. We’re like a big, crazy Italian family, minus the Italian part. I had forgotten what it was like to be around all of them at once and I’m not going to lie, it took a little getting used to, basically it’s an understatement to say that you need a traffic sign to get a word in edge-wise in our converstaions… Then again, it probably didn’t help that I hadn’t eaten in a long time and was a little cranky.  At dinner my sister dropped a bomb that she has been dying to tell me for ages and has decided that since I’m turning 21 next week, now is as good a time as any to make the announcement: She’s taking me to Egypt as a graduation present! So yeah, needless to say I’m more than a little excited about that.


Hyden YooToday we celebrated Fathers’ day and my grandpa joined us early this morning for the festivities. I was surprised by the fact that before brunch we had a little mini-birthday for me, from my grandpa. He got me an awesome chambray shirt and dark tan tweed-herringbone vest which I’m kinda obsessed with (needless to say my mom and sister helped him with the shopping). He also gave me some coin for my birthday in Vegas next weekend which was much appreciated! I have no pictures sadly, because my sister and mom took them all on their cameras, but I promise I’ll take pictures soon/get the pics from them. It was nice to be back at my house and I got to pick up some stuff I had been really wanting and forgot in the move like my favorite pair of Diesels (which in case you can’t tell I’m a fan of) and my lace-up Ferragamo’s for work (I’ve only worn them like once but they are amazing to say the least), I also had a package delivered to my parents house with a new pair of Hyden Yoo trousers that my mom brought up and are also awesome! Pics on those will come soon as well I promise, but for now see the pic to the right. Alright, signing off with a few pics from the weekend… I promise not to write so much in the future!


Joy (My sister) and I






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