So this morning I shocked myself with the immense preppy-ness that oozed out of me. I bought these fantastic Theory linen shorts at Intermix on Tuesday during my lunch hour. Oh the dangers of working across from North Park. I am absolutely in love with them. I can’t really describe my style, but I usually tend towards neutrals– every time I put on a bold color I feel like I can’t have a personality because it is too overwhelming to the senses– mine included. For instance, if I wear something red I wont use a perfume. If I wear hoop earrings, I have to wear a white tank.  I am not a glitzy person at all.  Salmon scares me, but these shorts remind me of my mom’s Ralph Lauren salmon linen ankle-length pants that I used to LOVE wearing.

IMG_0454Anyways, these shorts have a gorgeous wrap over clip in the front, two perfect inch pleats in the front and they are pretty high wasted. Since andrew showed his abs in an earlier post I figured I’d do the same…haha just kidding, sorta. 

Anyways back to the preppy-ness factor.  These shorts inspired me to put on a white J.Crew cotton shirt, my grandmother’s pearl necklace and my rainbows.  And now I am sitting the library of the apartment sipping coffee, having a scone, and watching the U.S. Open. Where is my tennis racket and tea-cup poodle? 

Maybe some of you are laughing and saying that it isn’t very preppy… just for kicks I put on my “putting-green” (if you will) color Lacoste long sleeve polo– I looked like Brooks Brothers and Ralph Lauren Pink Pony label’s love child. 

Not a bad thing. 

Not my thing unless I am going to the races or the Hamptons. 

–okay thats my fashion blurb. 

On an even more awesome note, the weekend was legit. 

Friday kicked off with the Dane Cook ISolated INcident performance at the American Airlines Center.  My best friend Alex came in from Stevenville to go with me. We are both avid fans of crude, inappropriate and WTF humor… we both agreed that the show was “great”– I think I had to convince myself it was REALLY great, but overall worth going to. His old material–slip and slide, I did my best, and BK are unbeatable. Dane’s jeans were too tight though. SU FI. 



American Airlines Center- pretty good seats for last minute tickets- Sec. 120 Row E. 


Me with my $40 Dane Cook T-shirt. Thank you China for making this 50 cent shirt for us to mark up and sell to people who are suckers for keepsakes. Oh and that is my new tank from 7 For all Mankind. Got it on my Speed-Shopping trip on Friday with Andrew, Greg and Alex. The back is freaking gorgeous it is just a touch deeper v-back then you would expect, with a thin band at the top. Its so sexy. 


And my bestie Alex with her SU FI shirt. 


BlackBerry Pic at the Concert. 

Saturday I drove out to Athens to ride a couple horses. It was beautiful out. I took a couple pretty photos. 


Gorgeous sky around 7am. 


I just love this city. 


…and seriously, what beats a baby horse? “Black Opal” about a month old.. snoozing in the summer sun

Saturday evening I went out with a friend for some drinks and dinner… attempted to go to Porch– but the wait was over an hour so we went to Cuba Libre— definite recommendation for some great mexican food… and make sure to get a table on the top deck, overlooks Henderson (granted its the Liquor store) but a very, very cool vibe… I’d reccomend the house Chardonnay and a “Swirl” Margarita to split (quite strong). 

Picture 20

Cheers to your Father’s Day and the beginning of another great week. 

Posts that are in draft stages are Andrew and I’s Wish List and his weekend recap.




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