I can’t really begin to tell you how long it took the day to get to 5:30.. actually I can, it took 9 hours. At least thats what I logged on my time sheet. It’s a Thursday and I think that everyone was ready to head home/happy hour/Austin/gentleman’sclub/Las Vegas… or in my case a much needed mani/pedi. 

Laura (another TRG Intern and new BFF) and I had been not so patiently waiting for 6:00pm to roll around so she and I could dash to an amazing nail salon we heard about on  

Oh My Gosh. Let me tell you. In my lifetime I have probably had over a couple hundred manicures and pedicures. This one tops them all. 

By the way those are Laura’s toes. My toes are quite chunky. They have been referred to as “hoagie toes”, “sausages”, and “tooties rolls”. Great for shoes, bad for toe rings, and not very photogenic. …Moving on. 


Hidden behind the Inwood Theaters off of W. Lovers Lane is the most chill nail salon I have ever been to.  You walk in and there are 10 huge squishy leather chairs (8 of them occupied by some of Dallas’ most gorgeous soccer moms).  We were greeted and told to pick a color– I hate being overwhelmed by too many options of anything– I don’t play well at Cheesecake Factory, Ikea, or with 120count Crayola Color Boxes– lucky for me they had one lazy suzan of OPI Nail Polish Collections.

 I instantly gravitated towards Big Apple Red– held onto it for 105155_675752359930_23910435_39300224_3833715_n minutes, then switched to something like “Table for Two” a muted beige– yeah I’m really wild. Laura picked up her “go-to” office acceptable pink, but opted for a more fun and summery coral… I wish I could remember the name (she’ll comment below and let you know).  

After a couple complimentary glasses of chardonnay, introducing ourselves to all of the staff at Inwood, getting gloriously long leg massages, and chatting with Bao (the fluently French owner) Laura and I decided we were in love with Inwood and that our search for a mani/pedi haven was over. 

5155_675753118410_23910435_39300237_5404459_nTop it all off ladies.. guess how much. Only forty-freaking-dollars. Worth every penny.  But FYI, they only take cash. We got there at 6 and were out the door at by 7:30– and that was after chatting for a half hour and an impromptu Korean photoshoot. We heart Inwood forever and always– They will also be getting a framed photo. yay.


P.S. that broom was straight out of Asia (okay, like most things…) but seriously it was amazing– also could have been exaggerated by the vino…and Laura liked it too. 5155_675753148350_23910435_39300240_4712109_n


2 Responses to “PART TWO OF 06-18: INWOOD VILLAGE NAILS”

  1. Laura Sheppard Says:

    OMGOMGOMG! Marisa this post is P-E-R-F-E-C-T. My nail polish color was Cajun Shrimp..yee haw. I had so much fun with you and Bao and the entire Inwood Nailery staff! Can’t wait for more fun memories! I think Andrew is going to like this one.
    Laura Lizzle

  2. Hmm. Is it true? 🙂

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