“Grandy’s is unlike any other quick-service restaurant. Our homestyle meals are made fresh every day. Our chicken, country steaks, catfish, vegetables, and fresh baked dinner rolls are reminiscent of Sunday dinner at Grandma’s house. Grandy’s delicious country breakfast offers all your favorites which includes hot biscuits and our signature “Sinnamon” rolls (TM)  . At Grandy’s we have all three day parts covered.” This is verbatim from THE Grandy’s “About Us” section on the offical website.

You Tell Me. 

First of all I want to say that I have been a loyal Grandy’s fan for about 20 years–I honestly have these fantastic memories of these steam hot rolls and pinch-able delicious biscuits.  And the sweet tea, Oh My God. I have never met a person who has not liked the Grandy’s Sweet Tea. 

So today, Andrew and I ventured out our second foodie fest to none other than the Grandy’s off of North Central.

Well. All I wanted to begin with was a biscuit and a large sweet tea.

Andrew wanted, for some reason unknown to man, the Chicken fried Chicken aka cholesterol ridden, fat leaking, calorie laden and completly foil of our raw food hummus, dehydrated sunflower seed tacos and


 Magic ‘Shroom Elixer 125 we had yesterday– I’m surprised his organs didn’t shut down as he was ordering.  So the manager on staff.. who is now one of my Besties of all Time Ever.. convinced me through his amazing good looks, eloquent speech, and knee-kocking charm to order a Large Sweet Tea (complete with Free Gift– Red Plastic Cup and Straw!), a dinner roll, an order of mashed potatoes with no gravy, and he even threw in a biscuit (which was also a gift to me… even though he charged me 69cents?) Needless to say he and I hit it off. 

IMG_0364Naturally, Andrew convinced me to take a photo with the manager since he could see the obvious connection he and I were having. We snapped a photo, he told me to bring him a copy and I’d get not just one, but TWO free biscuits. If I brought back a framed picture not only would it go on the Wall of Grandy’s Fame (next to a staff members “new addition” baby photo from 1995ish) but I would ALSO get a free breakfast buffet- out of everyone in freaking Dallas he WOULD choose the vegetarian to give a free buffet to.  BTWs  you know I’m headed to get this thing framed tomorrow! 

I still LOVE Grandy’s I am just not sure if I will ever go IN one again. Oh wait, yeah I will. 

Oh and the title is a TRG joke. Ha. HA.HA. ha. yeahh. 





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